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Comment Re:Blasphemy? (Score 1) 949

That's exactly why the concept of God is so controversial. Singular and supreme authority doesn't sit well with some, especially when that authority is not voluntary and relative. It also brings up the pesky problem of giving official purpose of life, which is often romanticized as to being individual and self-determined.

Comment Privacy concerns (Score 1) 189

Perhaps they were concerned that the exact GPS location of everyone's favorite places, activities, and friends could fall under the category of information that could be badly abused. It'd probably make me quit using it if they sold-out to some big company.

Comment Re:Multi-page article (Score 2, Informative) 55

Maybe you're thinking of the wrong brand?

No, I'm mocking the Energizer Bunny campaign of ads a robotic bunny left the set of its own ad and started interrupting other ads for fictional products.

Whether you recognize the Duracell Bunny or the Energizer Bunny as a simple of everlasting battery life depends on where you are from. In Europe and Australia, Duracell has trademarked the use, in the U.S., Energizer did (they were the jonny-come-lately).



Comment Re:One needs to look no further than religion (Score 1) 629

a particular English translation produced in the early 17th century is perfect since the translators were supposedly inspired by God.

I was always under the impression that the 47 scholars that translated the KJV, while sincere in themselves, were threatened under the penalty of death, if they were to purposely introduce false doctrine or make changes to the message therein. The wording is also said to be quite poetic, thus it's popularity as a translation.

The New King James Version clears up a lot of archaic language and does change certain translations.

You can take a word from ancient Hebrew or Greek and it could easily equal out to a whole sentence or expression of an idea in English, this is where some inconsistencies and contradictions in translation can arise.


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