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Comment Re:Intrepid? RV'er? It Hurts. (Score 1) 438

I have to agree with the BWCA suggestion. Used to go there with my father when I was in high school (mid-90's). The first day was the roughest, but after that you adjust quickly to the physical aspect of it, and the lack of technology. Its very refreshing to cleanse the system of overexposure to EM and computers.

If you want to get away from EM I'd suggest you stay out of view of the sun :\

Comment Re:toposhaba (Score 1) 792

And a GPS can't be removed and left at home? Slightly harder but come on. ...

GPS is not a perfect solution either. I have used several different models including the Pharos GPS with Streets and Trips. They often jump temporarily to another state or place on the globe and then after a few minutes jump back. So are we going to be able to challenge the 3000 mile trip we supposedly took on our way to grocery store? I have an idea just give me a check for 150million and I'll tell them it won't work.

Comment Re:I've used pre-production versions. They are FAS (Score 2, Interesting) 133

You are using comparing HDD's in a Clariion to your SSD's. Not a very fair comparison. Why not compare your box to a Symmetrix V-Max with SSD's, or even a DMX with SSD's. What you've done is like sticking a Ferrari engine into a Lada and compared it to say a Ford Focus and saying that your's wins. Just because your engine is faster doesn't mean your product is better.

Comment Modifiers (Score 1) 1

You can set modifiers to mark down posts that are modded funny, and mark up interesting/insightful. I agree there's some interesting stuff in the firehose that is good enough for front page, but I think the editors also have to consider how much debate it will attract, which much of the rejected submissions in the firehose will not do.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Cool-sounding things to do with Beowulf clusters. 1

brentonboy writes: I have been scavenging computers out of trash and recycling bins for a few years, and my roommate and I finally decided to put all our boxes to use in a Beowulf cluster, more to impress visitors than anything else. So we have this stack of computers, and a good answer to the question "what is that?" But now we need a really impressive answer to the next question: "what is it doing?" So what are some neat things to have a small ragtag "conversation starter" Beowulf cluster work on?

Submission + - First Death from Toxic Seaweed?

Hugh Pickens writes: "BBC reports that French investigators are examining whether a driver who died after carrying three truckloads of sea lettuce (Ulva Lactuca) has become the first victim of a toxic seaweed that is clogging parts of the Brittany coast. Sea lettuce is harmless in the sea, but as it decomposes on the beach it releases hydrogen sulphide. Researchers from France's National Institute for Environmental Technology and Hazards (Ineris) who visited the same beach found the deadly gas at such high concentrations that it could be "deadly in few minutes". "When you walk into the crust of such accumulation, you make a hole in a reservoir of hydrogen sulphide, and this gas is very toxic," said Alain Menesguen. Environmentalists say decades of misuse of Brittany's agricultural land is to blame for the explosion of algae, due to the high levels of nitrates used in fertilizers and excreted by the region's high concentration of livestock. The 48-year-old driver who had been part of the annual operation to remove 2,000 tons of rotting sea lettuce from the beaches at Binic had been working without a mask or gloves and died at the wheel of his vehicle when it crashed into a wall. His death was originally recorded as a heart attack but prosecutors now want to know if it was linked to the seaweed. "'We want to know if in future we should take precautions to safeguard workers who collect or transport seaweed," says Christian Urvoy, the mayor of Binic."

Submission + - DRM Take II - Digital Personal Property 1

Diabolus Advocatus writes: "Ars Technica has an article on a new form of DRM being considered by the IEEE. It's called Digital Personal Property and although it removes some of the drawbacks of conventional DRM it introduces new drawbacks of its own. From the article:

Digital personal property (DPP) is an attempt to make consumers treat digital media like physical objects. For instance, you might loan your car to a friend, a family member, or a neighbor. You might do so on many different occasions and for different lengths of time. But you are unlikely to leave the car out front of your house with the keys in it and a sign on it saying, "Take me!" If you did, you might never see the vehicle again.

It's that the ability to lose control over property that is central to the DPP system. DPP files are encrypted. They can be freely copied and distributed to anyone, but here's the trick: anyone who can view your content can also "steal" it irrevocably. The simple addition of a way to lose content instantly leads consumers to set up a "circle of trust" that can be as wide as they like but will not extend to total strangers on the Internet."

Submission + - Is Firefox turning into the ultimate nagware? ( 1

Barence writes: "Mozilla has announced plans to remind Firefox users to update third-party plug-ins. Firefox 3.5.3 will prompt users to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player if they haven't got it installed already, and Mozilla plans to extend the scheme to other third-party plugins for Firefox 3.6. Barry Collins from PC Pro wonders if Firefox is turning into the ultimate nagware?. Already pestered on a near-daily basis for upgrades to extensions and the browser itself, Collins wonders if plugin reminders will be a step too far for Firefox?"

Comment Re:The writing's on the wall. (Score 2) 271

Capacity is still an issue though. Although in enterprise storage SSDs offer a lower cost per transaction and provide a real benefit, they still have massive amounts of HDDs for storage on the lower tier. Outside of work where I would be classed as a standard consumer, it would cost me far, far too much to buy enough SSDs to transfer my 4TB of data from my HDDs.

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