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Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 1175

  didn't blindly obey the course he disagreed with , and merely
circulated his views with the actual stakeholders to show why he
disagreed? Did you even think this through ?

Anyway, I didn't see any evidence so far that the course told him not to
  say stuff "like that". It is impossible to tell him before " like that "
  is defined, and "like that" can be defined only after the memo was
written. If you mean something specific instead of "like that", why
don't you day the specific thing instead of " like that " ?

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 1175

So are you saying your original post to which I replied makes sense when this bad choice of words is replaced with a good choice of words ?

To discuss culture within Google, where else would he post except in an internal "mailing list" * ? Hopefully the "mailing list" is appropriately titled so that people looking for workarounds to bugs in Go compiler don't get spammed with it.

* PS : I see different words "mailing list", "forum", "board" in different places - maybe with increasing use of the webmail interface people have forgotten the difference.

Comment Re:"I want repaired processors for free" (Score 1) 366

Do you realize you are just restating your opinion, without defending the incorrect assertion that both can be worked around ?

  Also, both cannot work around themselves, they need a human to implement the work around once in the program after which the work around is in place until next software update.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 0) 1175

made it public

Do you have evidence that Damore made the memo "public" ? The evidence I have points to him having made it available on an internal forum, and he was explicitly being asked to. I don't have evidence whether he was asked to make it available on exactly that forum.

From all evidence I see, the memo was leaked to the "public" by someone else.

If that memo had just been to HR

But why is only HR a stakeholder in that discussion ? Most interaction that most employees have is with non-HR employees - so any discussion about culture has to be necessarily with all employees including non-HR ones. Anyway, is there a guarantee that an HR employee would not have leaked the memo and tried to persecute Damore ?

Comment Re:Product liability is a funny thing (Score 1) 366

Second, there is unlikely to be any physical danger to anyone

Software / computer security is increasingly capable of causing physical dangers to people. If you notice, computers are parts of machines which operate physically around humans.

E.g. : https://www.sentryo.net/cybera...

Likelihood : Not sure what methodology you are using to compute likelihood. A huge majority of processors of the dominant architecture (X86) from the dominant company (Intel) have a relatively easy to exploit attack, over last 2 decades, some of which need to be patched but will never be due to apathy, which in turn is partly due to statements like yours. So your unquantified assertion of low likelihood is increasing the likelihood by a small amount.

Comment Re:"I want repaired processors for free" (Score 1) 366

- The FDIV scenario could cause a wrong result from a processor. This can merely cause a security breach.

- The FDIV scenario could merely cause a wrong result from a processor. This can cause a security breach.


- Security can be layered and worked around. A calculator that produces the wrong answer checked by a calculator with the same fault can not work around itself.

The history, and pre-history of man (and other animals) is full of workarounds. No engineer knows the phrase "cannot be worked around", except maybe as a joke.

You also changed the grammar cunningly between the 2 sentences.

1. "Can be layered and worked around" - true for both security and wrong arithmetic answer.

2. "Can not work around itself" : true for both security and wrong arithmetic answer.

Sounds like Intel. Dishonest.

Comment Re:everything computes (Score 1) 271

Interesting, and has parallels to the classic observer's paradox.

So if you redirect the output of a "computation" into /dev/null, and not observe the computation in any way, is it really "computation" ?

Meanwhile, in the real world, people keep calling it unobserved computation, and hence air, electrons etc. keep computing whether or not you observe it.

Comment everything computes (Score 1) 271

The air in your room is constantly computing, the electrons in all matter
on earth are constantly computing.

The point with processors like Intel's is that it is easier to control
the computation with standard, widely available methods (software). This bug inhibits this control. Which was their only point to begin with, as compared to "computation" devices like air.

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