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Comment Re:Does this matter? (Score 1) 1109

The existing anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere was in a large part placed there by the US (and other countries of today's developed nations). If the rest of the world goes through the same cycle of emitting a lot of CO2 before getting below the today's US levels, the world is in deep shit.

So tell me, with this CO2 enabled prosperity, why shouldn't the US help today's developing countries lower their CO2 production faster, with technology and know-how the US generated while being the single largest producer of CO2 for decades ?

Comment Re:Better Solutioin (Score 1) 284

Then you don't want hard enough to switch to Linux. Enjoy the pervert OS for its toys. Like the somewhat paradoxical and dishonest "I'd really want to go out with you but I need to watch paint dry", you don't really want to switch to Linux but you are just pretending.

Moms should tell kids to not follow perverts for toys. Sometimes kids don't listen anyway.

Comment Re:You can't fix this. (Score 1) 284

How many of these services do you really need ? Instead of want.

Gmail has an uptime of nearly 99.99%. Storage in tens of GBs. It can sustain a bandwidth of 20 MB/s. Very few people need it. A 100 MB 98% uptime , 100 kbps email service would work for most of the people who cannot pay much for it, or cannot pay at all. Basic advertisements without any tracking would pay for it, like it did 20 years ago, with hardware and network prices much lower today.

Remember 99.99% uptime is much more expensive to provide than 99.9% uptime.

Also, for people with only privacy+eyeballs to sell, privacy+eyeballs has much less value to any advertiser. Most advertisers are hoping to get privacy+eyeballs of a rich guy, or at least a poor guy ready to borrow and spend.

Comment Re:Does this include Agent Orange... (Score 1) 339

I wonder at this "Trump is stupid " claim. Wouldn't it need extreme intelligence to fool a hundred million people ? The average man can barely fool 5 at once.

To do so in a career switch at 70 , overcoming lifelong professional people foolers should put him in genius category.

It is entirely possible that this intelligence is mainly focused towards fooling people, so being president may not be what he excels in, maybe particularly bad in. But superhuman intelligence in any field eliminates the possibility of him being stupid, don't you think ?

Comment Re:This is CYA from Microsoft (Score 1) 324

Firstly all this is irrelevant because i was pointing out that you were incorrectly assuming that phantomfive was saying that all blame lay with Microsoft. He wasn't, and you did not give any arguments to support the position that he was.

Once you acknowledge your mistake that i pointed out above, you might get somewhere . Or not.

Comment Re:Steps from Fascism (Score 1) 310

W..w..W - Willy Waterloo washes Warren Wiggins who is washing Waldo Woo.

Purely from a completeness perspective, if you change it to past continuous you might have a all W sentence - W..w..W - Willy Waterloo washes Warren Wiggins who was washing Waldo Woo.

Is there a reason for the present continuous ?

Comment Re:This is CYA from Microsoft (Score 1) 324

The reality is, if Microsoft hadn't made the flaw, then this attack never would have happened.

You assume that all the blame lies at Microsoft whereas

Not exactly. Just because it would never have happened if it weren't for Microsoft doesn't mean all blame lies at Microsoft.

There can be multiple players in a ball game but someone sets the ball rolling. It was Microsoft in this case.

Comment Re:Blame the news websites. (Score 2) 624

Adblocker blocker is surely a deal-breaker. That reminds me - don't you think public unwillingness to pay for news causes a lot of clickbaity-ness of the news ? If "causes" is a strong word - at least it is a factor in prevention of popularity of serious news.

A small minority paying for online news won't matter - print is going down, and online news doesn't have enough paying subscribers. Idiots are a good market - they will watch advertisements, buy the advertised goods, and they need nice clickbait articles to visit again.

Comment Re:Perhaps (Score 1) 598

That is right , but it was invented and was most effective when most ways of interacting intensively with people far away was physically traveling with one's body to the far away location. Now with
1. international businesses with telephone and video conferences
2. 24-hour work time + 24-hour personal time

, those advantages matter a bit less. The disadvantages - of having to know various timezones to be able to inform people are surfacing more than earlier.

This is not to say universal time solves all problems. But this much is true that once tele-commuting becomes even more common where one just stays at a pleasant place and conduct business across the world at one's own schedule - some advantages of the current system vanish and some disadvantages glare more.

For now, it is easy to have multiple clocks on your watch / computer / phone for people who actually deal with different time-zones, and rest of the world doesn't give a damn.

Comment Re:Seller versus platform (Score 2) 253

You might be right, but Amazon calls W-Deals a seller. That doesn't mean law will also call W-Deals a seller for this particular transaction.

It is crudely like Amazon calls your account number Prime, but a mathematician when provided with the number might find many prime factors of the account number and refuse to accept the account number as prime. A word has different meanings in different contexts, and especially for marketing many words are misused e.g. prime, privileged, Gold/Silver/Platinum, "Free", "Unlimited".

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