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The Internet

Submission + - Utah backs calls to boot porn from Port 80

jeevesbond writes: "Utah's governor and state legislature has lent its weight to efforts to persuade Congress to pass laws requiring adult content providers to stay off port 80, which generally carries HTTP web surfing traffic.

Governor Jon Huntsman last week backed a resolution from the state's parliament calling for the net to be split into "adult content channel" and a "family content". Utah's support for the proposed Internet Community Ports Act lends support to anti-porn group CP80, though it has little bearing on whether Congress will back the idea."

Submission + - Copyright Gurus Scoff at Microsoft's Claims

jeevesbond writes: "Copyright experts scoffed Tuesday at attempts by a top Microsoft lawyer to discredit Google's approach to copyrighted material. Most believed Associate General Counsel Thomas Rubin's speech before a book conference — as well as his opinion piece in the Financial Times — had a lot more to do with Microsoft's vicious competition with Google than about solid legal arguments."
Data Storage

Submission + - ODF Intranet Portal

jeevesbond writes: "I have been doing some feasibility work on creating a FLOSS Intranet Portal for ODF documents; the first task is to find existing projects that already provide some of the required functionality. The requirements are: version control — including diff and merge capabilities for ODF, integration with OpenOffice for check-in/out as a starting point, a Web-based CMS for group sharing of files (preferably one that can be extended to perform other tasks), and network authentication for the CMS: so users don't have to login twice. The eventual aim is to be able to bundle all this up in some way: 'apt-get odf-portal', for instance. Which FLOSS tools would you use for this job? How would you handle diffs and merges for ODF documents?"

Submission + - Microsoft: Format War is Over

jeevesbond writes: "Microsoft Office program manager Brian Jones, whose work has centered around the Open XML document format, now says the so-called format war with OpenDocument is officially over. The winner, he says, is both.

"I think at this point we can really move onto more productive and collaborative discussion and admit that we are no longer in any sort of "file format war."
My translation: Sharepoint (and its tight integration with Office 2007) is what's important now, something FLOSS has no equivalent for."

Submission + - Firefox, Safari back on browser attack

jeevesbond writes: "Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox and Apple Inc.'s Safari Web browsers both continued to snare market share from Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer (IE) last month, a Web metrics company said today.

Firefox, which sports versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, climbed to 14.2% from January's 13.7%. Safari, which is bundled with Mac OS X, rose as well, to 4.9% from 4.7%. Internet Explorer's share dropped to 79.1% from last month's 79.8%."
The Internet

Submission + - Conservapedia - The Religious Right's Wikipedia

jeevesbond writes: "The Guardian reports of a new Wikipedia variant created by the US religious right:

A website founded by US religious activists aims to counter what they claim is 'liberal bias' on Wikipedia, the open encyclopedia which has become one of the most popular sites on the web. The founders of say their site offers a 'much-needed alternative' to Wikipedia, which they say is 'increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American'.
United States

Submission + - Patent Office Head Lays Out Reform Strategy

jeevesbond writes: "
The patent system is not broken, just not perfect. That is the viewpoint of Jon Dudas, the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Dundas also talks of other improvements planned by the USPTO, including employing more examiners and allowing third-parties to submit information to patent submissions."
Data Storage

Submission + - UK Petition for Government Advocacy of ODF

jeevesbond writes: "An online petition has been created for Brits who'd like to see their government advocate the Open Document Format. From the petition:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to promote the use of Open Document Format within the UK government. Government documents must be available for tens if not hundreds of years. Currently much electronic documentation is stored in proprietary formats, such as Microsoft's .doc format. In order to allow future generations access to these documents it is imperative that they be in a fully documented standard.

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