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Comment Re:Pizza Analogy (Score 1) 277

In my experience with Italy, what you get extremely varies with where you go (not only regarding food). You can expect to get good food at the "traditional" places, otherwise it's more grab bag style.

That said, American pizza is different but not worse or better. I like the kind of cheese on American pizza but not the softness of the edge.

Comment Re:Banking INternationally (Score 2, Interesting) 277

Too much censorship of the mass media, too much promotion of consumerism. Watching stupid shows on TV and buying the latest and greatest products is what we westerners are told will make us happy. Well, the happiest people on this planet (according to a statistic I don't remember the name of) are the Colombians. They live in a country ridden by fifty years of civil war and a significant part of the population working 15 hours a day so they can eat. And they still enjoy life more than everyone else on the planet.

Comment Re:everyone doesn't hate Americans (Score 2, Insightful) 277

Yes, that's a big problem with them, the thinking that their way is the only one that can be. I travel a lot and also hang out on travel forums. The funniest I ever read there was from a fellow German living in Nicaragua. He said that the coast is overrun with American expats, who have been living there for ten or twenty years, don't know one word of Spanish and still demand that the locals speak their language. What a fucked up life that must be.

Comment Re:Banking INternationally (Score 1) 277

Establishing, then breaking, a non aggression treaty with the USSR was a key element in the plan in the first place. He already suggested that as a necessity in "Mein Kampf", along with the invasion of France. If he wouldn't have broken the treaty for some reason, the Soviets had broken it soon on their part; they had controlled the east a few years earlier and the Third Reich would have collapsed anyway because it was ruled exclusively by one person with a deteriorating mind. Even if major events would not have taken place or had happened differently, the outcome would have been very similar because the rulers of the various war parties had their plans and visions of a post-war Europe which they followed insistently and at all costs.

Comment Re:Banking INternationally (Score 1) 277

Doesn't matter. The cops can't arrest everyone. The 68's movement - those were times where people actually changed things to the better. Even if they had to squat and throw stones and molotovs as part of the strategy. Today, nobody stands up when insane laws are passed. "Ah, it's just those people up there doing their stuff."

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