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Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it (Score 1) 175

You likely have a desktop.

If not, you could build one with the Semrpon 140. If it doesn't unlock the extra core, that's ok, just play with single core. Or buy the Athlon II X2 240. Combine it with an HD4670, and you've got a 720p gaming computer. The 4670 can almost do 1080p on a lot of games (average framerate is 30fps with everything cranked right up).

(Canadian prices, divide by two for US prices) The motherboard and CPU will likely cost something like $130-$150, RAM is maybe another $40-$80, a good case like the NSK4480 can be had for like $80, depending on your needs a hard drive is typically like $70 if you want a 640GB Caviar Black, and monitors go on sale a lot for like $90 (18.5", 1366x768, good brand names too). Toss in $60 for that HD4670. So you're looking at about $500 for a better experience.

Assuming these crooks want $20/mo or something equally outrageous, it pretty much pays itself off in two years (but the difference is that after that likely only your video card needs an upgrade). Yeah, games will cost you money. But you can always find good games for $20 on boxing day, and this way you have a fully functioning computer.

Comment Broadcom Crystal HD has open-source drivers (Score 1) 86

Phoronix covered that, and I think someone else did too. XBMC has got the Broadcom Crystal HD (I don't remember the exact model number(s), but they're all over eBay and logicsupply has some) working, and their current solution apparently works across linux, OSX, and windows.

Fingers crossed that it doesn't use some kind of horribly strange API. I was hoping it would be VA-API supportive, but it's alright...


This would be marvellous for an HTPC with an Atom. I'm pretty sure the 230/N270 can already play N64 games with Mupen64Plus, 1964, and Project64, at full framerates (but custom textures and such would be another issue) so your gaming is also covered (let's face it, classic nintendo games were win. You might be able to pull off PS2 emulation with a 330 or its sucessor).

Comment Re:Raises an interesting issue (Score 1) 316

The difference is that, with a GPL license conflict, you're producing a deriative work and selling it.

Nobody cares if a company, or an individual, produced a deriative for internal distribution.

Downloading a movie is more like taking the source and walking away with it. Bootlegging is the equivalent of GPL abuse. And for a hardware manufacturer, does it really hurt that hard to release your source?

Comment Re: Wait (Score 1) 161

Can ebook readers display images in PDFs?

It would be nice if when you bought a paperback or hardcover, the store automagically gave you an ebook version. Would be very nice, actually... But then you could just turn around and sell the deadtree copy and keep the ebook.

Might as well just download the book and buy the printed copy if you want it too.

Comment Re:a cross platform standard format (Score 1) 161

Then why isn't there a "page" tag?

For ePub and for HTML, for that matter... It would be cool, you could make your site fit in one page for readers that support it. (I guess just ebook readers). It would also mean that publishers could just use HTML with a container for any images/audio/DRM they might want to curse us with.

Or you could publish your own books just by incorporating some HTML tags.

Do any ebook readers support HTML + CSS?

Comment Re:GPL Fanatics (Score 1) 585

Sure sounds like freedom to me.

It means when IBM incorporates JFS, or hires kernel-hackers, that those changes benefit every last linux user. That when Red Hat does the same, it might mean a competitor gets it too; but they're going to be forced to reveal their code, too.

BSD/LGPL only works in some cases. Linux is only popular because of the GPL.

Comment Re:making progress (Score 1) 432

Mostly you, but it is true that GTK apps will use more images than their windows competitors. Don't know why, must just be a HID thing.

KDE seemed to have wasted space in the initial KDE4 release, but I haven't checked on it in such a long time so I have no idea what it's like.

Still, I find GTK and Qt to be a lot more colourful than Windows, regardless of themes on either platform.

Comment Re:there we go (Score 1) 121

Slax isn't quite there, though.

What if I only want specific packages? Or more obscure packages?

I want this to get adapted for Debian and Ubuntu, that way you can roll your own custom version a lot more easily. So that way you could, for example, just make your own version of Ubuntu, but including proprietary codecs + software, and maybe other packages you often use, and remove some you don't like on the CD, no matter how obscure.

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