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Comment Re:Sick of pi (Score 1) 55

If you don't like it and can't think of anything to do with it great. Please move aside and let those of us that want to figure out things to do with it enjoy our moment where a computer that is pretty open source from the ground up gets its moment in the sun.

Comment Re:fsck speed, want safety (Score 3, Insightful) 196

I know I'm posting to an AC here, but I want to point something out. "Backups simply are not really an option past 20+ terabytes of storage, and simply not feasible if the storage is volatile in nature." He was claiming that it's not feasible to back up more than 20+ TB of storage when in fact it is. I was pointing out that yes you can, but it's pretty expensive.

Comment Re:fsck speed, want safety (Score 5, Insightful) 196

You're fairly wrong there, you can actually back that much data up. You just have to be willing to pay for some seriously large tape libraries and they're not cheap. We're in the process of installing a 700TB array with a 1.5PB tape library backup. You just have to do the backups using filesystem snapshots and run them pretty much constantly.

Comment Could someone elaborate (Score 1) 299

My google-fu is failing me here. I'm trying to determine if this is a lightwater reactor, some type of breeder, or some other configuration. If it's another lightwater I'm feeling a little "meh" about it. Despite being Gen III+ if it's lightwater we'll still have a ton of waste to take care of and I find that a little disheartening.

Comment Re:Communism! (Score 1) 277

Interesting, I do pretty well. Better than most of my peers and for some reason I lean towards liberal. Then again having been to a couple of wars will really give you a little compassion for people that don't have anything. I'm even all boostrappy and whatnot, came from very poor roots and made myself fairly successful. I don't really envy anyone and I'm not particularly greedy as the really poor people I help out can tell you. Granted I'm not going to make myself go broke or anything. So liberal with neither greed nor envy. Purely anecdotal and all though.

Comment Re:to clarify (Score 1) 200

Umm, 10,000 ft is not really that high. I regularly hike up mountains above that with a t-shirt on and no extra oxygen, I only really have a problem with breathing at above 12,000 ft and that's at a brisk walk, not flying around on an awesome machine. So as long as he's not straining himself, even coming from sea level you won't run into problems with HACE or HAPE ( unless you're up there for an extended length of time. To be honest the biggest worry would be sunburn, you fry up there pretty easy.

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