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Comment Re: Netflix in 4k (Score 1) 507

Uhd Netflix on my Samsung 4k smartv is awesome, its as perfect as I have seen.

You can make Netflix do 4k on a laptop with a browser hack bit its not as good.

I'm worried by the advert possibility but if it becomes a problem it will be easy to break Samsung's firmware encryption according to guides I've found online.

My smartv also does dlna so well I use it as reference implementation for my work testing media devices.

Most of the apps are just front ends for websites but there are some quite impressive games using unity. It really needs a nicer looking audio player app with a visualiser.

I can connect a USB hard disk full of media randomly collected over the last few years an it plays them all.

Comment Re: Brace for shill accusations in (Score 1) 378

They fund businesses not individuals, therefore they are pro business growth.

They have made no statements about limits to growth so a pro business growth at any cost.

Other organisations have raised concerns about limiting growth to sustainable levels for a finite planet but
these particular ones are notable for not expressing that concern. I have a theory on why,

Comment Re: Brace for shill accusations in (Score 1) 378

did i mention monsanto ? no .

yes, selective breeding is one type of genetic modification, well done have a cookie (you might want to check the ingredients , if you are allowed to)

There are many types of GMO which is another reason why this study is suspect , its making massively wide claims about all types of GMO being safe which is not what real scientists do, you can't use generalisations like that.

I want GM to be something that is openly and honestly explored with the utmost safety without corporate interests (be they Monsanto, syngenta , bayer et al) contaminating the process as they have shown themselves to be greedy and untrustworthy. If there are benefits they must be realised for everyone or they become weapons.

I realise that governments aren't much better but its a start

Comment Re: Brace for shill accusations in (Score 0) 378

so you are saying all organisations are of equal merit and people shouldn't distinguish between them ?

I can see the point you were trying to make, but you are making it in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.

Its perfectly acceptable to call out the impartiality of scientists who have spent their careers working for agribusiness.
Its a clear source of bias and one that is not adequately mitigated from what i have read of that specific research.
Any research that doesn't try to enumerate and mitigate the biases of the researchers is scientifically flawed and should not be trusted.

The clincher is really the making of such a divisive statement, marketers make claims but scientists are very weary of them.

Comment Re: And this will change nobody's minds.. (Score 1) 378

The middle ground would be caution and respecting people choices, a simple way to do this would be to prevent commercial isation of GMO and make it part of the Commons like nature. Change like this should be democratic, open and consensual if it is to happen, at the moment its in the hands of corporations who are none of those things and are bound to the merciless need for profit and financial growth.

Comment Re: Brace for shill accusations in (Score 3, Informative) 378

Most of those organizations are pro business growth at any cost, that's why they like GMO and fund research to sell it. The farmers of the world that GMO claims to help are so sick of top down reorganization they will not buy it , its that simple. GMO farming is buying into a system you don't control that will ultimately control you. Notice the careful wording about the situations where pests become resistant, that's because its not magic. If you offer a choice to indiginous farmers (without destroying their land first) they reject it.

Comment Re: They can't (Score 1) 234

well it would help if the 'evidence' was from a study that was relevant in the first place.

what evidence are you offering for your assertion than non-ionizing radiation causes cancer ?

the point of science is not grand proclamations its about doing research , explaining your methods and demonstrating the reasons for your findings
because you might be wrong and nobody can learn from that , if you explain your working people can evaluate your conclusions properly.
you have failed

Comment Re: They can't (Score 0) 234

That pulsing is the result of a very complex algorithm that compresses the phone signal.see ofdm and qfdm . It then shifts it into a narrower space that is constantly switched at a very high rate according to specific patterns to prevent Interference. This has the effect of of decreasing the power and bandwidth required. It has saftey implications as well because it effectively eliminates the possibility of enough energy to cause physiological issues accumulating for long enough. This is different from a microwave oven which uses orders of magntitude more power and a deliberately focused beam on specifically located target.
This approach began with gsm but really kicked in with CDMA/HSDPA and is also used in DSL devices.

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