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Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

But in primitive societies, the village is the whole world. If you're shamed, for all practical purposes, everyone in the universe will know it forever. And leaving is unthinkable.


You have the opportunity to speak and reason with those that shame you. You have the opportunity at redemption.

I think you may not understand why we call them primitive.

Comment Re:And so continues.. (Score 1) 426

Assuming the real reporting rate is 10 times higher, that is still a 1 in 100,000,000 chance of junk ad if you live in the US

The real rate of people being bothered by your ad is 1,000 - 10,000 times higher than what you're seeing. You think 10% of the people your ads irritate file a complaint? That's ridiculously optimistic.

I'll tell you this; you have far more people turned off by your ad than you have clickthroughs. It may still be justifiable from a business perspective, but don't lie to yourself about it.

Comment Re:That point is not in sight (Score 1) 499

Agreed. Every company I've ever worked for would hire a female programmer over an equally qualified male programmer. There's a clear imbalance, but it has nothing to do with hiring bias. If anything, the cause of the imbalance is set during childhood, perhaps in the womb.

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