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Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 417

Also, Apple doesn't sell upgrades, they sell the actual OS for $20. So if you don't want to pay three times as much, you can skip as many upgrades as you want and the cost to get the latest version remains the same.

Apple's OS releases are by definition upgrades - (according to the licence) you can only install them on Apple hardware, and all Apple hardware is sold with a version of OS X preinstalled, so there is no real distinction between upgrades and full releases.

Comment Re:Let me pay the licence fee. (Score 1) 195

I pay the BBC licence fee for my mother (she is still in England, but I'm resident in the USA), so technically I am allowed to view content over iPlayer

Accept you're not. The licence is per household, so you're paying for your mother's licence for her house, if you live seperately from her then you'd still need your own licence.

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