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Comment Russia and China (Score 0, Troll) 501

> Russia and China - which often oppose the use of force against a sovereign country as they believe it sets a dangerous precedent - abstained rather than using their power of veto as permanent members.

That's a load of crap, Russia and China don't oppose use of force against a sovereign country.

Just call it what it is, they are fucking evil governments, and they have sympathy towards other evil governments. And they don't want UN to turn against themselves one day.

Yeah yeah, some euro-trash american-left will immediately come out and equate these countries with the evilness of USA. Go fuck yourselves.

Comment Not Science (Score 2) 453

The problem is calling these fields as "science" and these people as "scientists".

The most hilarious one is the "Science of Economics".

It's all right if the subject is too complex and we don't yet have better ways to study it. The best people available have done their best in studying the field, whichever method they adopt. There is nothing more we can ask for.

Except, just don't call it the fucking SCIENCE.

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