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Submission + - It's Official: The PDA is Dead

fm6 writes: Some you will recall how Apple invented the PDA back in 1989. Their implementation had issues that we need not belabor, and was eventually discontinued. Its market niche was taken over by a simpler device, the Palm Pilot, which dominated the PDA market from that point on.

Nowadays, Palm mostly sells smart phones. Although they sold $11 million worth of PDAs last quarter, they haven't developed any new models since the TX and Z22 were released in 2005. Last Friday, CEO Ed Colligan announced what everybody had already figured out: these two models will be the last. The PDA is dead. Long live the Smart Phone!

Comment Re:I don't care what happens. (Score 2, Interesting) 873

You know. from where I set the "responsible adults" in power don't seem to want to solve the problem either. They are the ones hiding the information that we would need to form a plan to get ourselves out of this mess. Hell, for most of them they have incentive to prolong our misery as long as is possible. When the shit finally does hit the fan... I doubt the quality of life of those hunkered down will drop as much as the rest of us who are used to our current instant gratification lifestyles. If the people in power were going to try and fix the problem I would agree with you, but from the way I see it they are not. So I really hope it's just me being cynical with no faith in humanity. I pray for all of us that's all it is. Is it time for the 4th box to be used in the defense of democracy?

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