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Comment Re:Community college, anyone? (Score 1) 272

Skating by with A's and a few hand picked B's is cakewalk for those who put in the effort to turn in papers and assignments and show up to tests.

Really? You think anyone can simply skate through college with A's and B's just by turning in papers and showing up to tests? For some of us that aren't gifted with an IQ of 140, it actually takes some work to learn linear algebra or basic electrical engineering principles, for instance. I attend a private university in the States and it's a metric fuck ton of work, in my opinion. I work hard for my B's.

Comment Hilarious (Score 0, Troll) 208

"The lawsuit filed against Turnitin's parent company, iParadigms LLC, seeks $150,000 for each of six papers written by the students....'This case is not about money, and we don't expect to get that.'"
Not about the money? ORLY? Do you honestly think these high school kids give two s**ts about their little papers?

Comment Re:digital distribution can be ok... (Score 1) 371

I agree that it would be *nice* to be able to sell a digitally distributed game, but on the other hand, I personally don't give a hoot if I can't sell a game if I bought it for a discounted price. When I buy a $40 or $50 game through Steam for $20, I couldn't care less that I'll never be able to sell it short of selling my entire account. For me $20 is expendable. I drop that much on lunch for friends all the time.
Your number 2 point is the real catch though, as I know I'm screwed when Steam goes down. And it WILL go down someday.

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