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Comment Re:Expect more of this. (Score 4, Informative) 608

My only problem with unity boiled down to the title/task bar arrangement. Permanent bar at top of screen that was not a task bar, but becomes title bar when window is maximized. Additionally, if you happened to like right hand close and mini/maxi buttons, now they have moved to the left. Also, you cant close a background window that is maximized without switching to it first, because the close buttons wont appear until you mouse over the title bar.

Just little nagging things that really frustrated me. Eventually I suppose there will be tweaks or options for these behaviors, but its jarring when your workflow is interrupted by being unable to close a background window without switching to it or having buttons move around on their own.

Comment Bad Summary (Score 5, Informative) 662

The client did not answer one of several questions, and the prosecutor simply stated he had no response when asked a particular question. He was not charged with a crime for not responding, and he was not convicted of a crime for not responding. The ruling here was that the prosecution could admit as evidence that he did not answer a particular question during a conversation with a detective. Completely different things.

This is why you DO NOT SAY ANYTHING to ANY QUESTION if you are being detained by the police. Be polite, request a lawyer and state frankly you are not answering any questions until you have counsel.

Comment Re:Agreed, it's stupid (Score 4, Interesting) 737

Pardon my ignorance, by why is it repulsive to see attractive people at product promotion booths? As a man, I buy products all the time with attractive, often partially clad men advertising them all the time. Personal grooming products, cars, clothing, sports equipment etc.. all promoted by over idealized men. Why are women so offended when they see over idealized, attractive women advertising products?

I don't hear cries of sexist when Wendy's advertises their latest salad offering with a shirtless man at poolside on national TV. Pick one ladies, you cant be both "equal" and more-than-equal at the same time.

Comment Re:I'd have been pissed. (Score 1) 215

I was in the same situation. My birthday being in september put me just past the cutoff time for almost all of the programs in my district so I ended up getting lumped into the groups the year following most of my fellow classmates. Thankfully that didn't seem to matter towards high school so it didn't interfere with AP courses etc...

Comment Re:Totally arbitrary anyway (Score 5, Interesting) 215

You have it backwards. You find the kids with the most amount of potential and give them a greater opportunity. That being said, I was a 'gifted student' throughout school(class of 04 for what its worth) and I don't recall any 'help' or special tutoring. Most of the time that status simply granted us access to advanced placement courses, taking higher math or english studies than you would normally have access to or sometimes special after-school opportunities.

I hate to sound crass, but the problem with students that 'need help' in our education system is 80% the result of inept parenting at home(or lack there of) and has nothing to do with the schools. The other 20%? Well, not everyone excels at every task.

Comment Re:battery? Phone talking? (Score 3, Interesting) 196

It will be a fashion statement. Though, I personally think it could be a handy little gadget if they simply make it compliment the phone rather than fail at duplicating functions. Display caller id, allow answering calls, function as a bluetooth speaker phone, display alerts so you dont have to pull your phone out of your pocket to find out that no, someone is not texting you, there is an update angry birds, control your music player, and heck, even display the current time.

I could see it as useful, but not exceptionally so. It should appeal to gadget folk. The real trick will be making it smart enough but simple.

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