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Comment Re:Eagerly awaited (Score 2) 324

Android has had a "set fake location for testing" feature for a long time. Even my mostly locked down Virgin Mobile phone has that allowed.

"Settings -> developer options -> Allow Mock Locations"

If you don't have developer options, you may be able to get them turned on from "Settings -> About Phone" by clicking the Build Number, at least 7 times.

Then install one of several location setting tools from Google Play. Set location wherever you want.

Other permissions are harder to fake, but location results are pretty easy to change.

Comment Re:Update Fatigue (Score 1) 246

I just restart firefox once in a while, and it updates then. Never seen Firefox hollerin' anything about updates. I've got it set to auto update though. Perhaps if you chose an option other than "Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them" it'd be quiet. It's in Tools->options->advanced->updates.

If you're talking about the Flash plug-in update, that's a problem you can blame on Adobe for releasing something more insecure than IE. Talk about something that goes through more versions than Firefox.... that'd probably be it.

Comment Re:Think about alternative business models (Score 1) 684

Digital Video Express was a DVD-based format that stopped working after a while, unless you paid a fee. It required your DIVX (yeah, they overloaded the namespace of Divx here) player to be connected to a phone line so it could call home and take care of the billing/drm.

Google works in the UK... First link for "Digital Video Express" will explain it quite well.

Comment Re:Plead (Score 1) 978

Advertisers know that some people block cookies, and the obvious way around that is to put tracking info in the image request. So the tracking images also need to be blocked to prevent tracking. Most of these tracking images have random-looking junk in the image link. That junk might, or might not, be some sort of tracking information, but it sure seems suspicious.

Blocking only tracking cookies will not stop tracking.

Comment Re:It's a flawed way to keep a site up. (Score 1) 978

Best description so far of how I feel about most web ads these days. Too many creative types assume that the website visitors have the same multi-core fast graphics systems, and forget to put a CPU usage limiter on the flash ads. Oh, look cool ad, too bad I can't do anything else now until it stops playing, and sometimes not even then..

Comment Re:Umm.. (Score 1) 318

Er... ok, I bought an Android phone at Walmart recently. No problem. You're mistaking "mass market" for "monopoly". If you're looking for something that only a few people in an area will want to buy (operating system software they don't have experience with), big box stores are not the place to get them.

There are a few companies that tried pre-loading GNU/linux, but almost nobody bought those. In most cases it was cheaper to buy an MS computer, and then put whatever you wanted on it, than to pay more for a similarly speced linux machine.

By the way, trying to buy a free desktop operating system at a retail software store like Newegg will always be difficult. There's this problem with not making a profit when no money is paid.

Comment Re:Conspiracy! (Score 1) 659

So, the whole problem with US healthcare is the malpractice insurance cost, but not the fact that bills are often padded with another few 0s if you're uninsured, and then reduced by 80% if you prove that you have no money left to pay for them? The cost of healthcare in this country is pseudo-randomly generated, and requires a pretty large accounting department in each hospital just to keep track of what money they may, or may not, receive in payment for a fairly simple medical procedure.

Malpractice insurance expense is easy to track in comparison to the randomness of medical bill payments.

I've worked on software that processes medicare forms. There's a ton of bureaucratic paperwork involved in even the simplest of procedures for medicare patients. Not sure on this point, but at one time, you had to print out the forms, and couldn't just send them electronically.

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