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Comment dear national security personnel: (Score 5, Insightful) 259

do your fucking job. spying on suspects

not hoovering everything from everyone and thinking a search query will give you magic intelligence. intelligence work is *work*

the encryption is not important. your gumshoe work is. get out of your fucking cubicle you lardass and find these dirtbags

and if you can't do that maybe your useless security theatre job should be axed

Comment there should be many easy fail safes (Score 1) 97

input or output from any part of the system should conform to narrow parameters, or the entire communication is disregarded, and the fail safe implemented. so falling back to the fail safe should be frequent, not rare and alarming. it could be a hack, it could also just be network or equipment issues, either way

for example, the data: distance to car in front of you

the data should be of rigorously correct format, received in the correct and expected small time frame, and the source must be locked to certain trust indicators (which would be another entire laundry list of overlapping qualifications)

if there is any failure, no matter how slight, the data should be considered tainted and incorrect, and back up redundant systems (lidar, whatever) or even fail over to manual control should be implemented

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

because you drink and drive and don't think it's a problem

this makes you a fucking piece of shit

not a baseless insult, but objectively speaking: your irresponsibility is dangerous to the people you share the road with. by your choice. it's not your culture, asswipe, that's a lame dodge. you're just an immature irresponsible asshole who will kill someone, and seems happy about it

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

basically you're saying your culture is ignorant and stupid. when the truth is only you are ignorant and stupid

your attitude obviously sucks, and you are an accident waiting to happen. when it does happen, please do us the favor and only kill yourself

and thanks for insulting the south in an attempt to mitigate your douchebag character, you irresponsible fuck

you will of course go "he hates the south"

no, i love the south, i have old family roots there. i only hate you, shitbag, because your attitude is clearly somebody's death by automobile waiting to happen

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

people like you, who argue that police should be allowed to ignore the law

so this has absolutely nothing to do with what i said, not even remotely

nothing i said anywhere would remotely lead you to believe that this statement has anything to do with the content of my comment

it goes without saying i don't believe anything remotely like that

either you are

1. purposefully lying for the sake of trolling, badly. or you

2. genuinely lack the social and cognitive abilities necessary to carry on a coherent conversation

in fact, your comment is kind of a microcosm of much of what goes on in many arguments in the world

1. me: someone says something

2. you: some malicious asshole or social retard grossly twists the meaning to an unrelated fearmongering smear

and then pointless useless drama results

congratulations: you are a useless toxic shitbag. not a baseless insult. an objectively valid description of your contribution to this thread

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

ah yes, my narrow minded attitude that drinking and driving is wrong

how shallowly judgmental of me

actual narrow minded righteousness is about finding people wrong for arbitrary things

like fashion or sexuality or... swearing

do you know anyone who would judge someone for swearing, you hypocritical shitbag?

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

all i know is that you have hijacked the topic with a tirade about arbitrary laws

gee, that's a really exciting topic

but it has not one fucking thing to do with the fact that drinking and driving is wrong, period. not arbitrary. and the actual fucking topic

i look forward to you missing the actual fucking point and going on an obtuse tangent about nanny states and arbitrary laws, asshole

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

drinking and driving is never acceptable

if you're insulting people in the south and saying most of them are fine with that (seems rather prejudicial and self-serving to your own shitty attitude), then you will simply reap many more pointless traffic deaths

and therefore tell the rest of the country to avoid an area populated with such morons. and then after enough morons like yourself are dead, your children and grandchildren will pass better laws and have better attitudes. and the "culture" you defend will die, as much of bad and ignorant "culture" in the south has died and should die and will die. as it is with the north as well: everything changes, and no place is squeaky clean

that's not uptight. that's responsible. freedom is never about being free to be irresponsible. nowhere, not logically possible, no matter the lame weak "culture" argument

culture is about cheap plastic beads getting women to show their tits. culture is never about excusing the defilement of other people's freedom by putting their lives in danger

oh sure, someone like yourself will try. and only thereby slander the culture you are supposedly defending. the only question then is why you cheapen your own culture

there is never an excuse for risking the lives of others by drinking and driving. none. never. not even the lame excuse you articulate, which boils down to insulting cheapening and hating your own people

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 0) 327

we must demand immediate rezoning of the entire country into rural and urban zones only

only then can we judge

obviously it's hard to plan a night of drinking and know your options and no one in suburbia can afford a cab. suburban life is so harsh and oppressive, we have no choice but to accept drunk driving /s

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

those are interesting anecdotal edge cases that don't say much about the vast majority of problems with drinking and driving

obviously the asshole cop should have been more understanding with your wife, and if you want to drink and tip your mower and chop off your fingers, whatever makes you happy

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

assuming a good cop, and a well-meaning suspicion to apply the test (the vast majority of situations), there will be people who take the test and pass, and go on their way

it's impossible for a cop, a human being not a computer, to only apply the tests when they know for 100% certainty someone is drunk. that's why they do the test, to turn their suspicion into a certainty. it's a valid policy in the field to back up the suspicion with the test

so avoiding the test means you get to spend more quality time with law enforcement rather than get on with your life, which doesn't seem like good advice to me

now for the other kind of situation: the bad cop (the much smaller amount of situations)

this guy wants to railroad you. in which case, i'm not sure taking the test, or not taking the test, makes much difference. you can take the test, and he can muddy the results, and you're screwed. or you can choose not to take the test, and you get to spend much more quality time with a guy who wants to screw you over

they have to take you somewhere where the test will be applied in the presence of other people, to a higher standard of quality, which usually means that if you pass, you're good to go and you made the right choice. but now you've wasted a lot of time of your life. additionally, that time is spent alone with a guy who is looking to screw you over. faking or muddying a test isn't the only option he has to do that. maybe he'll find you in violation of some other trumped up charges. you've given him the time to be nosy, and you've pissed him off by refusing the field test. it's a lose/ lose situation if you run into a bad cop, and whatever you choose to do is only going to wind up with a different kind of pain

so i guess what you have to do is decide up front as quick as possible if you are dealing with a good cop or a bad cop. if a bad cop, maybe don't take the test. but look out for some pain anyways

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 0) 327

the dystopian fantasy of laws against swearing, being somehow as arbitrary as real world laws against drinking and driving, is a comparison that only works in your feeble mind

your comment simply reveals more of your low character, attempting to weakly rationalize the irresponsible

the grave, grave crime of using potty words has nothing to do with drinking and driving. that you submit they are is a sign of desperation to make a valid argument, or you are genuinely low iq

assuming you aren't stupid, and just stubborn when proven wrong, then all i have to say is welcome for the education about reality

try to be more responsible in your life, and next time, show some true character and just admit when you're wrong, you immature piece of shit

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