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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Infants Form Memories, but Forget Them

Dollaz writes: Adults thinking back rarely can remember anything before preshool,but those bright infant eyes staring back at mommy and daddy really are forming memories. It's just that babies also forget. In fact, babies' rate of forgetting is even faster than that of adults, Patricia J. Bauer of Duke University said Friday at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Possible Cure For Autism 431

Henry V .009 writes "Scientists in New Jersey are claiming that children with autism are unable to metabolize key fatty acids that fight brain-damaging inflammations. They have already developed urine/blood tests to identify at-risk children. A preventive cure to autism may be as simple as a 'therapeutic cocktail' of fatty acids. Human trials could start later this year."

Submission + - Professional Wikis For Science

An anonymous reader writes: There are many questions concerning the accuracy of content contained in Wikipedia,as well as it's future funding. There are more and more wikis popping up that want to real in the experts and keep out the novices and vandals. Here's a demo of a new wiki, WikiProfessional ,that may be able to solve number of these issues at once. Nothing to shake a stick at, though the above link is just a demo, the quotes on the demo indicate serious interest from some higher ups in the biology world...mainly the protein world. It's also clear that this wiki model is based on key biological databases(Nature subscribers only), not simply articles. The big question is will this model be embraced and can it be expanded to other domains of lifescience and beyond?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Zero Suit Samus Statue Coming This Summer

EdgeNinjaX writes: It seems like ever since Samus fought in her Zero Suit in Metroid: Zero Mission every gamer's been itching to see the sexy space bounty huntress stripped-down. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that First 4 Figures is releasing a poly-stone 9.5 inch tall statue of a Zero-Suited Samus made famous after temporarily losing her trademark Chozo armor. This hand-painted, curvaceous figurine is modeled after the Smash Bros. Brawl version and comes packed with her signature pistol.

Regrowing Lost Body Parts Getting Closer All the Time 210

[TheBORG] writes "There are two stories on Yahoo! News about regrowing lost body parts. One is about regrowing lost fingers & limbs and the other one is about regrowing teeth. The story about regrowing lost fingers and limbs talks about the experimental use of powdered pig bladder to regrow fingers and eventually lost limbs for soldiers and others in need from information that Pentagon-funded scientists hopefully learn from studying the salamander. The story about regrowing teeth talks about how Japanese scientists used primitive cells and injected them into a framework of collagen. Once grown to a certain point, scientists implanted the growths into mice where the teeth developed normally."

Fermi Paradox Predicting Humankind's Future? 854

An anonymous reader writes "The Fermi paradox says that if extraterrestrial civilizations exist, at least one of them should have colonized the entire galaxy by now. But since there is no evidence of this, humankind must be the only intelligent life in the galaxy. The Space Review has an article on how the Fermi paradox can be applied to human civilization. It says that, like the extraterrestrials, humans have three choices: colonize the galaxy, remain on Earth, or become extinct."

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