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Submission + - Windows 7 Security Woes and the M$ RTM Lie. (

twitter writes: "People paying close attention to the Windows 7 build process noticed a subtle trick used to make Windows 7 appear more secure than Vista or XP.

They applied all the patches, called that build the RTM, then said the RTM was unaffected. Then [they] released a press release patting Windows 7 on the back for being more secure, even though at least half those bugs affected it too. You wouldn't notice this unless you had been following the Windows 7 build process pretty closely.

Nothing changes in Windows Land."


Submission + - Is Vista 7 the Least Compatible Windows of All? (

twitter writes: "Recent GNU/Linux user John Dvorak noticed something funny about Vista 7, besides a lot of negative marketing.

Users will have to erase their entire hard disk and re-install everything to switch to Windows 7. This video was weird because Mossberg was a huge booster of Windows 7 in January. Now [WSJ Mossberg] guy is providing a reality check. ... Apparently Windows 7 has changed enough so that you cannot drop it in as a new OS and expect it to run anything that has been previously installed. In the past, this upgrade-in-place was always feasible, although it was never as good as a clean install.

So we have a new upgrade low from M$. Having used Debian for nearly a decade, I'm sure I don't miss that part of the Windows experience. As the saying goes, "Some compatibility is more backward than others.""


Submission + - M$ Colludes to Limit Netbooks Again. (

twitter writes: "M$ is using it's OS monopoly to make hardware suck, again.

Microsoft and Intel have reached an agreement that the next generation of Netbooks will not have displays larger than 10.2 inches. Vendors that insist on making minilaptops with larger LCDs will not be eligible for the lower Windows 7 volume licensing rates for these machines.

Groklaw recently covered an manufacturer complaints that should be investigated for anti-trust violations. They did this with XP too, limiting processors, screen size and other important details. This probably explains Dell's cancellation of their 12" netbook.

The market may be impossible for them to control. Previously crushed ASUS is thinking about brining back GNU/Linux to their netbook line. Will they use Xandros as well as Moblin and Chrome? ARM Netbooks like CrunchPad threaten to steal the show too. Let's hope so. It's about time people had real software and hardware choices."


Submission + - Computer World: It's Time to Get Rid of Windows. 1

twitter writes: "Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols of Computer World has had enough of the high cost of Windows insecurity.

Hundreds of millions of Internet users were annoyed because of Windows botnet-based DDoS aimed at one (1) person. ... Some people out there used no fewer than six Windows botnets to go after this one guy. And, in the process, they knocked out, for hours at a time, most of the major social networks.

It happened because Windows is an insecure piece of junk. Anyone who knows anything about security knows that this kind of disaster was only a matter of time. Windows botnets are responsible for DDoS attacks and most of e-mail spam. You cannot secure Windows. Microsoft keeps saying that they will, and they always fail. Period.

Reasonable people have been saying the same thing for years. Botnets have taken down more important things, like hospital networks, and have been fingered in power outages. What kind of real harm will it take for people to give up Windows and move on to sane platforms like GNU/Linux?"


Submission + - Windows 7 Still Slower than XP and Ubuntu. (

twitter writes: "Not long ago, benchmarks showed Ubuntu was much better than Windows 7. Another benchmark showed that Ubuntu is also faster than XP. Now comes the final, killer benchmark. Windows 7 is RTM and it's still slower than XP in everything but shut down.

the results were mixed. Boot times, despite dedicated tweaking from Microsoft were slightly worse than in Vista SP2 or XP SP3 (by over a second). Shutdown times, though, showed much improvement over the slow XP, and even some improvement over Vista. Since the 7100 build, Windows 7's performance in Microsoft Office and iTunes has improved significantly. In the Office benchmark, though it still gets beat by both Vista and XP.

The numbers themselves are less than impressive, as you might imagine from their inability to best their nine year old OS. Modern GNU/Linux, of course, spanks them all."


Submission + - M$ Blames Linux and Google for Revenue Fail (

twitter writes: "from the cry-me-a-river dept.

In their last quarterly report, M$ blamed their recent revenue declines on competition from free software:

The Linux operating system, which is also derived from Unix and is available without payment under a General Public License, has gained some acceptance, especially in emerging markets, as competitive pressures lead OEMs to reduce costs and new, lower-price PC form-factors gain adoption ... Partners such as Hewlett-Packard and Intel have been actively working with alternative Linux-based operating systems. ... User and usage volumes on mobile devices are increasing around the world relative to the PC. OEMs have been working to make the Google Android mobile operating system more compatible with small form-factor PCs or netbooks. ...Certain 'open source' software business models challenge our license-based software model. ... To the extent open source software gains increasing market acceptance, our sales, revenue, and operating margins may decline.

They have complained about Netbooks and Google Docs before. They viciously fight Google, netbooks and all commercial gnu/linux but it is harder and harder for them to stem the inevitable rise of free software. Welcome to GhandiCom 3, "Then you win.""

Data Storage

Submission + - Ars Technia: Word is Dead, Long Live Wikis! ( 1

twitter writes: "A Word fan at Ars Technia has declares death of Word and the rise of Wikis. He completely missed the point of Word Perfect, the OOXML ISO scandal and many other things but there's one thing he did not miss, the typical document flow at most companies sucks life in a way that Wikis fix perfectly.

People keep doing [passing poorly revisioned Word docs in email and storing them in random network locations], but it is an astoundingly awful way to work.

I chose MediaWiki, the open-source software that powers Wikipedia. It was relatively easy to install on a virtual Linux server. ... The real win, however, was that everyone started using it. One day you wake up and everything is on a wiki somewhere. How did that happen? It happens in much the same way as typewriters suddenly disappearedbecause a better alternative arrived. Wordand I know I'll be attacked for saying thisis the new typewriter.

Welcome to the obvious. Print is dead, replaced by easy to use, concurrently editable, well revisioned and easily searched electronic document systems that cost next to nothing to set up. The read write web Lee Berners first imagined is here."


Submission + - Boycott Novell Takes M$ Astroturf Evidence to FTC ( 5

twitter writes: "Just three weeks after a successful complaint to the European Commission, Boycott Novell has made a formal complaint to the FCC about Astroturf

WEEKS AGO we wrote about the FTC planning to put an end to bribed bloggers. We have already filed a complaint about Microsoft's PR department (Waggener Edstrom) which is bribing bloggers and we finally find that New York state fines companies for fake testimonials. But the nature of today's complaint is different.

This complaint is mostly sparked by a Microsoft-employed "Technology Evangelist" that keeps flooding us with Microsoft-promotional comments whilst he tracks the site (for Microsoft, he is just one among many, whose role involves unethical and sometimes illegal practices). It is probable that there are others who do the same thing in this Web site (anonymous or pseudonymous) because there are no disclosures and at least 2 other Microsoft employees commented in our site this week (in defense of Microsoft).

This is something Slashdot has seen a lot of. A vocal minority of people seem to hate what I have to say."


Submission + - GNU/Linux NAS Company Taxed by M$ Patents. (

twitter writes: "How would you like to have a GNU/Linux NAS RAID device that's low power and very flexible, thanks to software freedom? Melco Group's Buffalo line is just that and has long been the subject of rave reviews. If you want one, you will have to pay M$ now, because the company is the latest patent shakedown victim.

the contents of the agreement have not been disclosed, the parties indicate that the only financial consideration in this agreement is royalties paid by Melco Group to Microsoft.

It seems as if anything that touches Windows is subject to this kind of threat and that we will never learn the details."


Submission + - Windows 7 Meets Early Business Rejection. (

twitter writes: "After nine years of XP, you would think business would be ready for the next M$ OS. A new study shows less than 6% are ready for that right now.

The survey, which received feedback from 1,000 IT administrators, found that nearly 60 percent have no current plan to adopt Windows 7. The survey, conducted by Quest Software's ScriptLogic unit, received the 1,000 responses from 20,000 surveys it distributed. Just over a third of survey respondents said that they plan to deploy by the end of 2010, while 5.4 percent said they expected to move to Windows 7 this calendar year.

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising, these numbers are nearly identical to those faced by Vista two years ago. Before launch, roughly one third of respondents said they wanted Vista. That fraction dropped to less than 10% after six months and we know the rest of the story already. In this case, the numbers can be significantly worse. People with migration plans are probably over represtned in the 5% of those who bothered to answer. People wanting a modern OS are moving to Mac and GNU/Linux."


Submission + - Ubuntu with Ext3 is Faster than Windows 7 and XP (

twitter writes: "Slashdot has reported questions about the performance of Windows 7 and comparisons to Ubuntu in general tests. At the time, people claimed that XP was faster than both and that Windows 7 just needed some work. Another study now shows that Ubuntu wipes both XP and Windows 7 in a key area, file service.

Abundant performance delivered by today's quad-core processors has shifted the performance bottleneck from the CPU and memory to the disk I/O subsystem in most of day-to-day usage scenarios. ... which one of modern operating systems is capable of utilizing fast hard drives and multi-core CPUs most effectively?

In all file search, classification and storage utilization analysis operations Ubuntu is faster than both tested Windows operating systems by a huge margin. ... users and IT professionals constantly working with large amounts data should seriously consider using Ubuntu Linux as the main file and data management platform.

I doubt any of this change by the promissed October 22 release date and don't know why people still use XP."

Submission + - How M$ and Consultants Made $2.4E6 with Conficker (

twitter writes: "Times are tough and budgets are mean now, right? Not if you are M$ or government. Sam Varghese tells the sad story of how the Conficker virus cost the Manchester Council $80,000 in lost parking fines and a whopping three million dollars in other costs.

The worm cost the council more than £43,000 in lost traffic fines as the council could not use its Windows computer systems to issue the fines by the last date when they had to be issued [they ended up later than 28 days]. Microsoft experts were among consultants called in by the council — and they took home some of the £1.2 million which the body paid out to get the problem resolved. ... There was a total of £178,000 in extra staffing costs incurred by the council, of which £169,000 went to clearing a backlog of benefit claims and council tax bills, the report said. Additionally, compensation had to be paid to those whose benefit claims were delayed. And it all came during a time when the world, and the UK in particular, is affected by the ongoing global financial crisis.

Sam lays the blame for this security failure squarely on M$ and those who reward their incompetence."


Submission + - Google Enters OS Market for Real. (

twitter writes: "Here's more trouble for a beleaguered Microsoft, Google is launching Chrome OS for X86 and ARM computers.

The Chrome OS is being designed to power computers that range from small netbooks to full-size desktop machines. The Chrome OS is a direct attack against Microsofts lucrative — albeit vulnerable — Windows operating system. ... its no secret that Windows Vista was a nightmare ... The Chrome operating system [despite overlap] should not be confused with the Android operating system that the company launched for mobile devices.

Will this finally break M$'s OEM lock? Will the day soon be here when you can actually chose an OS?"

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