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Comment Re:Bush Vetoed this, apparently (Score 2) 632

And yet these are exactly the kinds of bills that have been applauded in recent time. Even when anyone agrees that a great portion of a bill like this is beneficial, when they question even the smallest part of it or whether the entire bill was considered by everyone who voted for it, they are labeled a hater.

Comment Wouldn't work on me (Score 1) 150

I don't think I could correctly participate in the experiment because I'd know if anything went wrong that it would all be over soon, and if anything really went wrong they would open it up and rescue me

Now if they told me I was going to fly to Mars and put me in a simulator that made me feel like I was actually lifting off and going into space (and I didn't know it was a simulation) I'd probably fall for it. Sounds like a better experiment to me. Actually, I think that's a J. G. Ballard short story already. Oh well.

Comment Re:OMG FAG LOL (Score 1) 183

And not to mention anyone who beats you in-game is CLEARLY cheating.

Preface: I know that was a joke =) +1 funny

However, I am primarily a PC gamer, but I have a PS3 for Final Fantasy, etc (never shooters, I just prefer those on PC). I have always wondered, how does one actually cheat on a console? You can't install auto-aim programs or anything else like you can on PC, or am I mistaken?

Comment Re:a good motto when looking for a new job (Score 1) 263

The time to run away is before you take the offer. Do your due diligence.

The post wasn't about running away from a job offer. It is about not running away from your current job, but running to a job you want. If you are looking for a job because you want to run away from your current job, then you will most likely not find what you are looking for and will take anything. This will not end well. If you decide that you want a new job and you have an idea or a goal in mind, then you will most likely look for the right job, or perhaps a dream job of sorts. This will be the job you actually want and not just any job but the one you have.

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