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Submission + - Mapping Software (

Prysorra writes: Ever wondered how Rand McNally draws those nice and neat road maps? Well I just found a site where a guy painstakingly made his own amazing, fictional, road maps. Can the Slashdot horde put it's collective mind together and find some sort of program to do that? There has got to be something — I want to make my own, but using MS Paint is just mind numbing!
The Internet

Virtual Earth Exposes Nuclear Sub's Secret 355

NewsCloud alerts us to a story a few months old that has been getting a lot of play recently. A Seattle blogger, Dan Twohig, was browsing in Microsoft's Virtual Earth when he accidentally came across a photo of a nuclear sub in dry-dock. Its propeller is clearly visible — this was a major no-no on the part of someone at the Bangor Sub Base. The designs of such stealth propellers have been secret for decades. Twohig blogged about the find and linked to the Virtual Earth photo on July 2. The debate about security vs. Net-accessible aerial photography has been building ever since. The story was picked up on on Aug. 17 — poetic justice for the Chinese sub photo that had embarrassed them a month before. On Aug. 20 the Navy Times published the article that most mainstream media have picked up in their more recent coverage. Twohig's blog is the best source to follow the ongoing debate. No one has asked Microsoft, Google, or anyone else to blur the photo in question. Kind of late now.

Submission + - Nanotechnology on the catwalk

Roland Piquepaille writes: "This event didn't take place in Paris or Milano, but at Cornell University during their Cornell Design League fashion show on April 21. It's now official: "nanotechnology has entered the fashion world." Fashion designers and fiber scientists have unified their efforts at Cornell to show a two-toned gold dress and a metallic denim jacket made of cotton fabrics coated with nanoparticles. And these garments can prevent colds and flu, destroy noxious gases and never need washing. When will we see these garments at our department store? The researchers don't say, but read more about the technology used and pictures of the real models — and the nanofibers used."

Wii, DS Dominate February Hardware Sales 149

Gamasutra has the NPD numbers for last month, which shows a continuation of Nintendo's sales dominance. Overall the new consoles have again meant that industry sales were up, some 28% over last year's same-month figures. Hardware sales were up some 98%, with much of that performance attributable to the DS and Wii. Here's the breakdown: "Turning to hardware, the DS headed overall hardware sell-through with an impressive 485,000 units, followed by Nintendo's Wii, which sold 335,000 units despite continued issues with shortages. The Xbox 360 sold through a reasonable, if not spectacular 228,000 copies, and the PlayStation 3 slumped to a disappointing 127,000 units, despite no apparent shortages. Elsewhere, the PlayStation 2 moved a still impressive 295,000 at its relatively cheap current price, and the PlayStation Portable sold 176,000, markedly behind the DS. Finally, the various varieties of the Game Boy Advance sold a not unreasonable 136,000 units."

Submission + - Wireless connection to your Windows Server 2003?

blh42 writes: I just browsed the newly released service pack 2 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 when I read a disturbing fact. The release notes at Cert describes the following security enhancements:
* The ability to simplify the creation and maintenance of the Internet Protocol security (IPsec) policy
* Group Policy support for non-broadcasting networks and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) settings to allow Windows wireless client configuration
* Windows wireless client support for WPA2 with the following features:
— Non-broadcast network profiles are now marked with a flag to improve the security of the Windows wireless client.
— Windows will not automatically connect to a peer-to-peer network, even if it has been automatically saved in the preferred network list.

Now, I'm wondering how many that would actually consider setting up a server room that only supports wireless networks? Why would anyone even consider using the wireless client on a Windows Server 2003?

Submission + - Ten Games You Should Never Play Drunk

John writes: "Whether you're pounding some beers with friends at home, or capping off a night of drunken revelry, there are a few fun games that lose their appeal when your blood alcohol content grows. Here's some otherwise fun games that aren't recommended for when you're three sheets to the wind. ten-games-you-should-never-play-drunk&AFC-HSUIT&AT TR=DIGG"

Submission + - Optimizing PowerPoints

An anonymous reader writes: Hi diggers, I always had the problem of sending my bulky PowerPoint presentations via Email and today I accidentally ran into PPTminimizer, a great tool! I can optimize my presentation and reduce their size by up to 96% while the PowerPoint format remains unchanged ! For me it is very useful. The homepage is: Have a look, it is working really well ! I want to share this information because it's been a long time since I've found such a useful product ! Regards

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