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Comment Re:Price and glasses, most likely (Score 1) 535

I don't think they were. I purchased a Samsung ATSC tuner equiped HD CRT when my 14 year old Mitsubishi CRT finally died. Resolution goes up to 1080i (not that that makes a big difference relative to the size of the TV). I think it was one of the last ones in the store still in the box. It's a great TV, with HDMI, Composite, and Standard AV connections. It's still tough to beat the color and B/W contrast from a CRT.

Comment Slide? (Score 1) 386

When I was a kid, we used our neighbor's dish as a really cool slide. It was propped up against a tree, and we would try to climb up to the top to slide down. I'm sure I ripped up a couple of pairs of corduroys on it. Might not be as fun as an adult now, but still cool.

Oz Pirate Party Tells the Elderly How To Bypass the Net Filter 275

mask.of.sanity writes "When Exit International discovered it was earmarked for Australia's Internet filter blacklist, it wanted to ensure its members could access its pro-euthanasia material, but its members share an average age of 70 — not exactly from the tech generation. So Exit International turned to the filter-hating Pirate Party of Australia, which supplied a 'hacker' who taught a crowded room of grandmas and grandpas how to use proxies and advanced VPN tunnels to access Exit International's material — which the Australian government thinks breaches the moral compass of society. Computerworld has the presentation."

The Economist Weighs In For Shorter Copyright Terms 386

lxmota writes "The Economist says that long copyright terms are hindering creativity, and that shortening them is the way to go: 'Largely thanks to the entertainment industry's lawyers and lobbyists, copyright's scope and duration have vastly increased. In America, copyright holders get 95 years' protection as a result of an extension granted in 1998, derided by critics as the "Mickey Mouse Protection Act." They are now calling for even greater protection, and there have been efforts to introduce similar terms in Europe. Such arguments should be resisted: it is time to tip the balance back.'"

Comment Solar powered flashlight... (Score 1) 484

Here's my question regarding the panels melting snow. How do you get enough energy to melt the snow when it has been accumulating all night? No sunlight to get through the layer of snow to power the solar panels to melt the snow. You still need to plow or salt the road. Kind of like a solar powered flashlight.

Comment Go to work first... (Score 1) 834

Get some experience (three to four years) under your belt before you decide to go back to school. Figure out what you want to study. Also look at what you want to accomplish after you complete your degree. You may want to do something a little different than computer engineering.
I would look at other alternatives to an MBA, especially if you find you are very technical. You may find a senior engineer is a better fit for you than a manager. I would also recommend finding a university level program instead of a quick, online program. It will look better to a hiring manager.

Comment Punch Cards for input into MCNP5 (Score 1) 731

The input file for MCNP5 ( for nuclear engineering uses a punch card format. Each line in the input file is refered to as a card, and the file is called the input deck. The lines are limited to the same restrictions as a regular punch card, and the program will spit out errors if you do not create the input file properly.

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