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Comment Re:lack of imagination != endgame (Score 1) 106

Dude, As perhaps you have, I have followed this "debate" for years, in the same way I have followed the "debate" over things like creationism and the efficacy of supply-side economics. However, unlike the debate for these other things, faux pas can be reversed. Please tell me you have had the courtesy to consider what is at stake if you are wrong: extermination of the human race. The effects of melting methane hydrates on the Arctic sea floor are a game changer.

Unless we solve this, this is certain death for me, you and our kids. You think I may be frothing at the mouth? Good! I am. We should be in crisis mode. Please stop sewing disinformation until you know the science for sure. You willing to risk your kids dying from global climate extermination? I'm not!

Mysterious Seafloor Methane Begins to Melt Off Washington State Coast

Warming Arctic Ocean Seafloor Threatens To Cause Huge Methane Eruptions
Pacific Seafloor Methane is Escaping at Alarming Rates
Enormous mounds of methane found under the Arctic sea: Underwater pingos may reveal 'worrying' clues about climate change

Comment Re:lack of imagination != endgame (Score 1) 106

You're a shallow, low-effort thinker. I hope that you are gifted with a painful reminder, in the future, of your attitude--which is akin to tripping the firemen trying to carry buckets to put out the fire. You don't know, and are willing to risk everything on your "low-effort thinker" conclusion that, "No, I know better than all those scientists", the same ones that made the computer you're writing on now. Those scientists got everything else right but --"NO, can't be"--those same scientists are all wrong, all 99% of them are wrong this one time, when they say that Climate Change is about to Kill All Human life in 15 years as Methane gas bubbles up from the Arctic floor and then the permafrost.

Comment Re:lack of imagination != endgame (Score 1) 106

Sir, So, if you're retired, you will be long dead when this problem kills us all. So, it wasn't enough that your generation did a large part to destroy the planet--but now you're making sure to get in your last bits of damage by doing your part to frustrate and interfere with those trying to solve the problem. In another context--but appropriate here--is the word traitor. You are a traitor to your country. You shame all of Buffalo and New York with your conduct and attitude.

Comment Re:lack of imagination != endgame (Score 1) 106

Dude, this is not about me. Is it really this important to you to fuck with me? You are ridiculous. Rather than address the science at all you just play nonsense games. That you entertain yourself by making up these ridiculous comments shows me that you're again just a dabbler. Motivated people don't spend their time writing the long paragraphs of nonsense that you did. You're just ridiculous and not impressing a soul.

Comment Re:lack of imagination != endgame (Score 1) 106

Have you done any intensive research into the subject of climate change? Your comments show you think the whole thing is a joke. I have another idea. You and I make a deal that if you're wrong and we obviously are in trouble then I can come and put a bullet in the back of your head for fighting people like me who were trying to do something before it's too late. I think I like that idea even if you don't agree to it.

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