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Comment Re:Wages are lower in Seattle and housing is cheap (Score 1) 136

SV has the best weather on the planet give or take

What? Who told you that? There's dozens of towns in California alone with better weather. Most of them are on the coast; Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, and San Diego all spring immediately to mind. The weather in the valley ain't even on the top ten list. It's way too goddamned hot there.

Comment Re:Reference? (Score 2) 136

I like my guns and enjoy very lax regulations here,

Country mouse and city mouse have different problems, which are solved with different solutions. As well, in some cases what people do in their yard has significant effects on what happens in other people's yards. You may not have to sort your trash, but it's still illegal for you to burn plastic. You don't get a tailpipe test because you don't have enough tailpipes to matter much, but you still have to deal with basic federal emissions regulations (it's still illegal for you to remove original emissions equipment, for example, and there are various mechanisms by which you might get caught and fined) because if a large enough percentage of your population cheated badly enough at emissions, it would make a difference.

I find it a very good thing that different states can mostly self regulate and have the laws their citizens enjoy, rather than a one size fits all federal mandate on fucking everything.

But there is a federal mandate on fucking everything. For the most part, states simply place additional restrictions, because they don't feel that the federal guidelines go far enough. Every state has its own version of this, designed to suppress or oppress a different group.

Comment Re:Sonic boom was never a problem. Fuel cost was. (Score 3, Informative) 221

As someone who lived in Reading, UK, during the 1990s, directly under the flight path of Concorde, I can safely say you're completely wrong. The noise pretty much drowned out everything and made even a regular conversation impossible.

The sonic boom issue was underplayed by the UK governments and airline industry for somewhat obvious reasons. As for the idea that the Americans were spreading FUD: they had no reason to. They had supersonic designs, they even persuaded the US government to start planning a network of airports to support SS flight linked with HSR (they actually broke ground on one in the Everglades, never finished due to the collapse of the market); if the market for supersonic travel had taken off they'd have had ample opportunity to make more sales.

It's noisy. Really noisy. You don't want current tech supersonic planes flying over your home, believe me you don't.

Comment Re:Systemd is responsible for the libraries it use (Score 1) 277

By choosing to use this broken library, the broken library code effectively becomes part of systemd.

But here's a question: Did you even bother to read the comment before replying to it, and before wrongly criticizing it?! OBVIOUSLY NOT! The comment you didn't read, yet still replied to, contained the following:

And yes, it's best practices, when implementing something like international domains to use a respected third party library rather than trying to roll your own, so they haven't made an error in relying upon it.

So, before you go on, perhaps you can tell us why the systemd maintainers were wrong to adopt best practices in this case? Because I could have SWORN, sworn up and down, that the major criticism of systemd by its haters is that the authors insist on rewriting everything.

They haven't in this case. They've done exactly what the haters told them to do. And you're still going to criticize them?

How about just filing a bug ticket with the libidn team, and then shutting the fuck up?

Comment Re:George Orwell predicted Facebook (Score 2) 46

The difference is in "1984" people were forced to have a Snoop-A-Tron in their residence. The plutocratic version of "1984" is the oligopolies offer you a "deal you can't refuse". Getting discounts will override fear of corporate snooping for most poor.

In 1984, if you badmouthed the system, you share a cell with fellow soap-droppers. In the plutocracy if you submit a bad Yelp review, you could be locked out of discounts, lose your credit rating, and can't get a ride when the slimy Uber types control the whole thing. Thus, you either starve or steal to survive, and end up in jail with the fellow soap-droppers anyhow.

Different approach, same result: large % of population locked up or on parole watch.

Comment Re:Moon is a part of Earth (Score 1) 67

Is that really the consensus because it doesn't make any sense, and I can't find anything to support it. The Pacific Ocean is only about 750M years old, the moon is somewhat older. Even if you assume the moon came out of materials originally where the plates underneath the Pacific were then, well, that doesn't make much sense either because they'd have been destroyed in the process.

I was under the impression that the consensus was an early proto-Earth was hit by something, usually thought to be a sister planet Theia, that caused the two planets to combine and break up into two, with the larger of the two forming Earth as we know it today, and the rest eventually reforming to make the moon. In the process the early Earth was effectively destroyed and recreated, the entire surface becoming a magma ocean, so you can't really say some identifiable part of it "became" the moon.

If I'm wrong, I'd love to know!

Comment Re:They miss the point. (Score 3, Insightful) 230

That's one issue. The other is that the precedent for "Oh, it's available in the store now!" were the solitaire suite games, which were wholly rewritten and changed into adware/nagware shadows of their former selves.

What's the betting that Paint is dead, and the Microsoft app called "Paint" in the store will also be a rewritten ad-infested "cloud-enabled" piece of crap?

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