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Submission + - Bill Gates quits Facebook (

ifchairscouldtalk writes: Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft, which purchased a 1.6% share of Facebook for $240 million in 2007, quit his Facebook profile. Apparently, the more than 10,000 friend requests made it difficult and tedious to determine who he knew and who he didn't. 'It was just way too much trouble so I gave it up,' he said. While the technological revolution has been 'hugely beneficial,' it can also 'waste our time' he warned.

Submission + - Milan Announces World's Largest Solar Roof Array (

Mike writes: "Italy's Milano Fiera convention center has announced that it will soon be construction the world's largest rooftop solar array. The massive photovoltaic system will cover 2.9 million sq ft of the roof, and carry a peak capacity of 18 megawatts, totally trouncing the previous record set by Spain's General Motor's facility at 12 megawatts. Capital costs for the system have been estimated to be between $97-111 million, which will be paid by the developer in exchange for the rights to market and sell the electricity produced."

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