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Comment No antenna problems here... (Score 1) 374

I doubt we'll ever find out the truth here about Papermaster... But FWIW, I have absolutely no reception issues with my iPhone 4. If I hold it the "wrong" way, without a case which I never do naturally, I loose one bar a most. It gets much better reception than my iPhone 3g ever did! ...That, coupled with iPhone 4s still being sold out.. everywhere.. means Apple really came out of this whole mess just fine!

Comment Re:Quick question (Score 4, Informative) 411

Microphone port pumps some current into whatever is connected to it (to power the microphone up)
Line In doesn't provide any power, it only analyses incoming signal from external source, and will be often separated through transoptors or the like to protect the hardware from overcurrent from difference of potential between the devices.

Not sure why this was modded +5 informative; it's a load of hooey...

Normal dynamic microphones are passive and do not require any external power to "power the microphone up". They generate a small current, usually from a coil moving inside a magnet. This is why you need a pre-amp of some kind to bring your mic-level signal up to a line-level signal that a regular amp can deal with. Your sound card has this built in.

If you have a condensor microphone, then it will need external power of some kind to function. This usually comes in the form of phantom power (+48V usually) over a balanced twisted pair microphone wire. I can promise you that your average soundcard (and pretty much anything with 1/8" jacks) does *not* supply phantom power. You need an external power supply of some kind to use a condensor mic with your soundcard.

The only real difference between a line in and a mic in on your soundcard is the expected input gain. A mic input has a pre-amp and expects a mic level input. If you feed it a line level input and it doesn't attenuate it (or bypass the preamp) then you'll clip the hell out of the signal.

Comment They deserve what they get (Score 5, Insightful) 280

Every penny won by the artists in this lawsuit will be deserved. I hope the CRIA is found liable for every penny of the $60 billion and is put out of business once and for all.

I also hope similar infringements are found in the United States for both the RIAA and the MPAA. No company that treats their customers as poorly as these companies do deserves to be in business.

Time to cut out the middle man. The internet has opened huge new avenues for distribution; it's time the industry starts getting on board and the artists and content creators start getting more of what they are due.


Submission + - Google DNS Launched (blogspot.com) 1

appleguru writes: Google has announced today that they are offering a free, public DNS service for everyone to use. It isn't ad based, doesn't use parked advertising for non-existant hostnames, and from my limited testing today seems to be pretty fast too! (Certainly faster than OpenDNS, which has historically been very fast for me, but has been lagging terribly the last few days). Their DNS servers can be reached at and

Comment Re:How does this work? (Score 1) 570

For a typical operating system, it'd involve extracting the password hash from the target disk, and then running a program (like john) that takes text inputs (bruteforced or from a wordlist) and hashes them, and then compares the hashes and sees if they match. It is a bit more complicated than that (salts, etc), especially in a forensic environment where data integrity must be preserved, but that's the idea.

The methodology is similar for encrypted files/filesystems/etc, but it all relies on knowing how the authentication takes place so it can mimic it, quickly.

Comment Re:Free inflight wifi on all the major carriers (Score 1) 158

If you're on a flight with gogo wireless, there are a bunch of promo codes for free internet..

FREEINTERNET should work until the end of the year..
DELTATRYGOGO should work on Delta flights
AATRYGOGO should work on American Airlines flights

Gogo is also running a promotion where you can get a code to give out to people and the person with the most people that use their code gets a few free sessions or something like that.

2287321623nca was the code they gave me; should be good for free in flight wifi until January 7th, 2010

The key for all of these however, is to have them *before* you get on the plane. So if you haven't yet, put them down in your phone or something, just in case you end up on one with service!

I've been doing a lot of flying recently.. nothing better than free wifi on the plane!

Comment Re:"Apple Labeled" License Compliance (Score 1) 1012

I'm not saying you'd win, as obviously the intent is to prevent running the software on non-apple machines, but the language is sufficiently vague that you'd have a case. To me, and to the "average" person, "labelling" something involves putting a label on it. "Apple Labelled", to me, means something labeled as "Apple". Not *by* Apple, but *as* Apple. Indeed, only Apple or an authorized agent could label something "by Apple". But anyone can label something "as Apple". If I put the Apple sticker on my car is in fact, under any reasonable English definition, "Apple Labeled". This is the distinction that the changed wording avoids.

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