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Comment Re:This would solve so many problems for us. (Score 1) 196

What other costs would there be? That would be pretty cheap. I guess you'd have to get an ip subnet. For my comcast account that costs $60 a month, with theoretically 40 gigabytes, that's 0.15 cents per kB. Vs. your amount above of 0.02 cents per or about 7 times cheaper.

If I could pay 2k today to get a fiber internet connection to my house that wasn't limited by comcast, I'd do it in a second.

MightyYar was referring to this incident:

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Journal Journal: Animosity towards me 2

What ever have I done to deserve such animosity from the /. crowd? I made a slashdot account after one of my Executive Officers informed me that slashdot was spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt about our lawsuit with IBM. I figured slashdot would be unbiased in this court matter, but it appears they are siding with IBM for some reason. Anyone have any clues about why this may be?

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