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Comment Re:I just don't see the issue (Score 2, Insightful) 559

The odds are stacked against an individual who might want to keep certain details of their life private when an organization as large as Google is trying to pry their lives open.

But Google isn't "prying", that's my point. They're collecting information that you have chosen to make available publicly, whether it's by placing it on the public Internet, or broadcasting it over EM waves where anyone nearby can pick it up. If you want privacy, don't announce your information in a public manner, and you will be off Google's radar. Google got blasted for Buzz (and deservedly so) because information that people thought they had selected as "private" was being made available, but that's not the issue here. If you're concerned with your MAC address being recorded, you need to learn how wireless networking works.

Comment Re:Cell phone use in public == Neurological disord (Score 1) 109

This is why I prefer my subway commute to any of my driving commutes; spending a half hour driving is a half hour wasted, but I can read on the subway. I liked my walking commute best of all, but I can't always live within two miles of work. I don't have a problem with cell phones (Note to NYC: Never let anyone wire your subways for cell phones), only morons who need to play their music so loud that even using headphones, it is clearly audible to people at the other end of the car.

Of course, in both cases the problem can be partially solved with earplugs. And for Amtrak, as well as a few other train lines, there is usually a quiet car where cell phone use is prohibited. Man I love those cars.


Submission + - New Genetic Framework Could Help Explain Drug Side ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: "In a major step toward predicting adverse drug reactions, systems biologists at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City have integrated genetic, cellular and clinical information to find out why certain medicines can trigger fatal heart arrhythmias."

Submission + - Is The "Lost" iPhone Apple's Next-Gen iPhone? (

andylim writes: Is it possible that the iPhone which Gizmodo purchased from a tipster isn't the next-gen iPhone? Recombu thinks so. Citing the loss of a prototype last year and a twitpic taken in February of what looks to be the same prototype iPhone as the one Gizmodo bought in April, Recombu asks, "Would Steve Jobs really launch a product that could have been in competitors' hands for more than half a year?" It's an interesting theory, which could be completely wrong but it does raise doubts as to whether or not what we've seen leaked will be the same thing that Steve Jobs pull out on stage later this year.

Submission + - McAfee kills SVCHost.exe ( 1

Kohenkatz writes: A McAfee Update today (DAT 5958) incorrectly identifies svchost.exe, a critical windows executable as a virus and tries to remove it, causing endless reboot loops.

Comment Re:Very true. (Score 1) 139

Doesn't help in this case. I've had two friends get compromised in the last week. In both cases, since I was in their address book, I got V1agra spam from their accounts. The messages were from legitimate white listed Gmail addresses sent from legitimate Google servers.

Duh! Of course... And I even read TFA! Guess I forgot to connect my eyes to my brain.

Comment Re:Very true. (Score 1) 139

I can verify this trend. Several of my aunts have switched to Gmail lately, decreasing the spam I get from Hotmail/Yahoo and being replaced by Gmail-based spam.

I have turned to a whitelist policy when it comes to Gmail. All e-mails go directly into the trash unless I have witelisted that particular address...

Submission + - Volcano rules for remote connections (

Barence writes: With the ongoing Icelandic volcano eruptions, tens of thousands of people will be stuck in the wrong part of the world. PC Pro's Steve Cassidy has advice for those looking to establish remote connections back home. His Volcano Rules include avoiding voice-based communications and hotel internet systems, and setting up ad-hoc remote connections by signing up for a free trial of a service such as LogMeIn and getting a colleague back in the office to install the software on your work PC. "But remember to change all the passwords both local to your PC and remote, to the service you’ve used, after you finish the session," Cassidy warns.

Submission + - Cameras catching crooks AND cops (

crimeandpunishment writes: Is it police brutality caught on video, or just police officers trying to do their job? Video from their own dashboard cameras, along with cell phones and other sources is putting the focus on the cops, not the criminals. And it raises the question of whether this is exposing bad behavior that police have gotten away with for years, or if a brief clip of video from an incident puts police unfairly in the spotlight.

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