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Comment Re:Reclaiming needless subsidies (Score 1) 434

The gas company is the one with the money and they are the source of the problem.

Says the addict who probably still stops to fill up their car several times a month... Pass that buck on. You know climate change is real, but you still have a gas powered car, burn natural gas to heat your home and probably to cook with, and chances are good the electricity you are using to type comments on Slashdot doesn't come from solar or wind...

Comment Re: Political tax (Score 1) 434

Who stands to lose if more strict actions are taken to control greenhouse gas emissions?

Umm, the poor? Sure it's nice to live in a first world society where you can bullshit on Slashdot every day... But if you are desperate enough to risk your lives for a pot full of gasoline from a spilled tanker https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/..., there is probably something you have to lose if more strict actions are taken to control greenhouse gas emissions.

Comment Re: Political tax (Score 3, Insightful) 434

It would be a bit unfair if the "nuclear waste" that's been released to the environment for years is the same substance emitted by every living animal on the planet. CO2 is not pollution at any level we emit today. No one considers the CO2 itself to be toxic at any atmospheric concentrations. It's the "global climate catastrophe" which is where they are claiming damages which is going to be hard to prove a causal link and even harder to establish a monetary value of damages.

This lawsuit is politics, pure and simple.

Comment Re:White noise can be copied too (Score 1) 219

I don't know how you can claim copyright over sitting still and not playing an instrument... I mean, the idea of calling that a "performance" is novel, but the act of not playing happens inadvertently and intentionally all the time and that does not make it infringing. As far as I am aware, the only "successful" litigation over 4'33" have been over a video recording of the "performance" and a settled without resolving the issue payment over a CD that included 1 minute of silence and had the name "Cage" on the CD.

Comment Re:White noise can be copied too (Score 1) 219

Except that is a restriction on two-dimensional useful articles, three-dimensional works of artistic craftsmanship, and models. There are no such uncopyrightable limitations on WORKS OF THE PERFORMING ARTS AND SOUND RECORDINGS in 406 Limitations on copyrightability.

White noise probably can be copyrighted under the bullshit system in which John Cage copyrighted not creating any sound:

Comment Re:Surprise! Companies are in it for profit! (Score 2) 275

Cancer is a bastard. Sorry for your loss.

But yeah, the list prices are outright blackmail. They'll charge as much as they can get away with or they damage your health. What is costs them to produce is irrelevant. You want to make an immediate impact on the price of medical care? Make drug and medical service discounts illegal. If insurance companies have to pay the same price as non-insured patients, costs will drop precipitously and immediately.

Oh and all those people out there who think medical companies should be non-profits? That does nothing... They still ridiculously overcharge and convert the extra cash into lavish buildings, equipment, and salaries for executives.

Comment Re:Direct Extraction of money from local economies (Score 2) 190

Already kids go deep into debt for degrees which are worthless when they start. Very few people are affected by shifts in the economy in the 4 years (becoming increasingly 5 years) while they are in school. Most of them might start in a useful degree, then decide they are lazy, unintelligent, or just to drunk to complete that degree and drop to something easier like political science or underwater basket weaving to come home with a degree.

Comment Re:Don't blame it on my neighbors (Score 2) 372

Is that more or less of a dick move then promising them pensions that would come from future tax revenue? If you can't fully fund pensions today, you are demanding money from the future to pay for today. That's a dick move to me. Taking it away when the dollars don't magically appear in the future isn't a dick move, it's reality.

Comment Re:This may sort itself out (Score 1) 588

The trick to a UBI is to provide just enough that people won't starve or die due to exposure or sickness, but not enough that they are comfortable and happy their whole lives. It sounds cruel to give people just enough to be miserable but alive, but they are free to work for additional to improve their lives. If they choose not to work for additional resources, they can live in misery.

The worst thing you can do (arguably what we do now) is convince a population that they have a right to success and happiness. If someone is denied what they are convinced they have a right to, they will likely become violent to obtain it.

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