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Comment Re:Who Cares? (Score 2) 278

Queueing is also an interesting word as it's the only English word you might actually use (there are some really obscure ones depending on your dictionary) with 5 consecutive vowels. Of course, your dictionary (and Chrome) may also list queuing as an alternate spelling.

Comment Re:Everyone has a right to health care (Score 1) 350

You assume that the federal government is competent and motivated to bargain... Experience shows federal officials have little fucks to give about excessive costs as they have no penalty for spending an outlandish amount. Federal agencies have no oversight or accountability to taxpayers. It is a ridiculous idea that they would do any good negotiating costs.

Comment Re:Everyone has a right to health care (Score 4, Insightful) 350

Why are all of the solutions for taxes to pay for healthcare instead of fixing the ridiculous medical billing system? My wife receives an every 4 week IV that the hospital bills $55k for. The solution to that isn't to make everyone else pay a share of the $55k, it's to figure out why a hospital charges a fee ridiculously out of proportion to the cost of treatment. Did I mention that this hospital is a non-profit government subsidiary? If you are wondering who is causing the problem, look at your government. They want everything to go through them so they can control the money.

Comment Re:Gun laws (Score 1) 1197

Based on my observations (I can't find any good data) law enforcement officers are just as likely to shoot innocent bystanders as Joe Schmo gun nut. Possibly even more so since they are exposed to deadly force situations more often.

Or did you forget the innocent people shot in a truck in LA while the cops were hunting down a killer?

Comment Re:Right to bear arms (Score 1) 1197

Strict yes, logical no. The Constitution allowing only single shot muzzle loaders is akin to every law only applying to 1787 technology. The logical course is that the Constitution allowed for private citizens to own the latest and greatest military technology available. Nukes might be an exception, but I'd argue that the government shouldn't even have control of those... What's wrong with a citizen owning a tank or a fighter aircraft?

Comment Re:Right to bear arms (Score 1) 1197

So is it your argument that having firearm safety, storage, handling, and permitting laws will stop criminals from shooting people? I mean, I'm all for preventing accidental shootings, but anyone with intent to kill using a weapon will go through whatever hoops the government puts up to make it more difficult to obtain a weapon.

Comment Re:Why concealed carry doesn't work (Score 1) 1197

Concealed carry can't stop violence, but it does give victims at least a chance... I'd rather be killed as someone trying to defend myself and others than killed as a defenseless sheep.

Sure this shooter was able to use up a lot of ammo, but the shooter was not able to meticulously hunt and kill the victims BECAUSE there were good guys with guns returning fire.

Comment Re:No kidding... (Score 1) 709

Nope, I'm convinced the best course of action is to get the complacent like-minded people off their ass and in to the polls the next election. That's far more likely to be successful than trying to play damage control with a bunch of deplorables.

Modded troll as you referred to your ideological opponents as "deplorables."

It's pretty hard to see eye-to-eye with most Trump supporters, simply because they've got their head jammed so far up their own ass.

Modded to 0 probably for starting off the comment with your opponents heads being up asses.

People who are boycotting Target over a fucking bathroom issue are the ones who are the real oversensitive snowflakes.

Again, swearing and referring to opponents as "snowflakes."

Sounds like you don't like it when your trolling posts which are critical of Trump get modded down...

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