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GNU is Not Unix

Glibc Is Finally Free Software 337

WebMink writes "Despite the fervour of some, the dark secret of every GNU/Linux distribution is that, until August 18 this year, it depended on software that was under a non-Free license — incompatible with the Open Source Definition and non-Free according to Debian and the FSF. A long tale of tenacity and software archeology has finally led to that software appearing under the 3-clause BSD license — ironically, at the behest of an Oracle VP. The result is that glibc, portmap and NFS are no longer tainted."

Comment Use an old-fashioned method (Score 1) 3

Known as a telephone. If you've spoken to a real person, it's then on their head. You know they know about it and it's up to them to do something about it. You should find their phone number in the whois info or on their website. If it's a toll free number, but from a country you're not in, use Skype Out and it will be a free call.

Comment Following the masses (Score 1) 1

The only reason I maintain a Windows machine is because I need to handle Windows-only file formats. I only need to do this because everyone else is using a Windows machine. The only reason I maintain a Facebook profile is because everyone else has one. I'd much rather it was all decentralised, maybe using XFN.

Comment Yay. (Score 1) 1

This is good news for me as I use Google Apps. Not switching back and forth between accounts lets me keep all of my information in one place. I'm slightly worried though about how much easier it would make it for anyone with access to my account to find out everything about me. Google has too much of my data.

Submission + - Critical flaw found in virtually all AV software ( 1

Securityemo writes: "The Register is running an article about a new method to bypass antivirus software, discovered by Maltousec. By sending benign code to the antivirus driver hooks, and switching it out for malicious code at the last moment, the antivirus can be completely bypassed. This attack is apparently much more reliable on multi-core systems. Link to original article here."

Submission + - Reporting security flaws in websites? 3

lolbutts writes: When you discover a security flaw in a website, what do you do? I just realized that a website that I might have used has really glaring security holes. I have sent them an email detailing the concerns, but I am almost certain it will be disregarded. This bothers me because ensitive data for all of their customers, not just the web users, is trivial to get. Without breaking the law, how would you get an offending website to fix security problems?

Submission + - Appliance adds a weather radar channel to your TV ( 1

radioweather writes: Here's an interesting weather geek gadget that takes the hassle out of waiting for the Weather Channel to show your area. The StormPredator Weather Appliance is a small, self contained WiFi/wired automatic appliance that connects to any LCD monitor or TV with a SVGA port or HDMI port and turns it into a dedicated 24/7 weather radar channel. It mounts directly to the rear of the LCD monitor/TV using the included VESA/wall mount. Once setup, the StormPredator Radar Appliance will run continuously and unattended to provide live radar coverage of the area you select. If you have PIP on your TV, you can watch storms and SciFi at the same time. The nationwide radar data comes free from NOAA, using your existing Internet connection.

Comment You could try (Score 1) 1 Or apply for a GSoC project? To be fair, I've tried the website, and I got a few jobs, some lasting up to a week, but the pay is crap. There are just too many people trying it.

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