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Comment Re:I'd like to hear Mozilla's response (Score 2) 288

Mozilla's response is to build a browser that has the same protections as other browsers.

They're doing that because they know their current tech isn't up to it. It's funny how their fans keep defending their current tech when Firefox themselves are abandoning it as soon as possible.

Comment Re:This is a big bitchslap to Mozilla (Score 1) 288

So you never, ever turn on JavaScript? Or every time you turn it on you read through every line of it to make sure it hasn't changed and isn't doing anything bad?

NoScript is basically worthless. You can't possibly trust every website you run JavaScript on. Even if that's only 1 or 2 you still need a secure browser for those 1 or 2 sites or you just asking for trouble.

Comment Re:Citation is a form of professional respect (Score 1) 303

SO is not academic papers. It's short answers to short questions. Do you credit every single person you learned everything you've ever learned from?

Me: "Hi Celest, How's it going?"

You: "Hi Greggman (I learned Hi from my Mom at 2 and Greggman from Gregg on the internet). It's going pretty good (I learned contractions is 1st grade from Ms. Smith. Going I learned from Mom when I was 3. Pretty I learned from my Mom as well. Good too).

Siting a multi-thousand word academic paper is vastly different than attributing 1-10 line code snippets from SO.

Comment Re:You should be anyways (Score 1) 303


Do you credit every co-worker?

You: "Hey Joe, how do you process a flarb?"

Joe: "It's FlarbSystem.Process(flarb)"

You: "Ok, thanks" // Ask

No I don't credit people on Stack Overflow and I don't expect attribution for stuff I've posted on Stack Overflow. I see stack overflow as effectively the same as asking an extended set of co-workers.

Comment Re:That article sucked (Score 1) 563

IMO there's really no such thing as a post scarcity society because real estate is always scares. Who gets the beachfront property? Who gets the penthouse on the 50th floor and who's stuck with the rats and cockroaches on the first. Even if we had replicators for everything else we still wouldn't have infinite real estate. The only counter argument I can think to that is we all go live in the matrix. But then there's still power/energy that is not infinite. If you need X units of energy to power your simulated home and I need X * 10 units to power mine, unless we figure out a way where energy is also in infinite supply we still won't have a post scarcity society.

Comment Re:It's not just IT (Score 1) 152

As someone who is not a pharmacist it's hard to understand why things can't be done more efficiently. What's wrong with the system that this can't happen? As an example my experience in the USA (maybe this has changed) was that a doctor scribbles some illegible prescription which I then had over to a pharmacy and have to wait 20+ mins. In other countries the doctor orders the prescription on the computer. At that point a robot at the pharmacy could give me the prescription. So what's the real problem? Too many regulations? If we had a more centralized medical system would this get better or worse? Or maybe if we had a less centralized system so I could choose the company that gets shit done quickly and without mistakes. I mean from the outside it seems like an easily solvable issue. The same systems that have robots doing inventory in a warehouse seem like they could do something similar in a pharmacy.

So, since you seem to know can you explain why I can't be efficient?

Comment Level Up Target (Score 2) 51

They should aim a little higher. Right now the MADE is basically a cheap office space with some folding tables and stuff. Hats off to them that they are trying but ... for some aspirational goals they should really check out places like:

The National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham

The Game Science Center in Berlin

The Computer Game Museum in Berlin

If the MADE was called the Oakland Game Club or something it would be fine as is but something called "The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment" really needs to set up their game ;)

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 272

WAT? I record people's images and sounds with my brain all the time. Accessing my memory now, yesterday I was at the park. I saw a girl in a red shirt and blue shorts. She had brown hair, a tan complexion. In a few minutes I could sketch a picture of her. She was throwing a frisbee with a friend and they were talking about their dogs. She said her dog had been sick lately and she was wondering if she should take it to the vet. She had a thick southern USA accent. I could recite what she said with her accent.

Are you saying I should have asked permission before seeing her and hearing her?

If a blind and deaf person gets augmented with digital eyes and digital ears why would their rights be any different? Would you discriminate against their right to see and hear? Why?

Comment Re:No! (Score 4, Insightful) 227

That policy is not going to survive as people start augmenting their eyes and brains. It might be 10 or 20 or 30yrs out but it will happen. First the blind or near blind, followed maybe by soldiers, eventually just like cellphones went from military only to briefcase size to geeks only to no 15 yr old girl would be caught dead without one, so will this other stuff

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