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Comment Re:I've got the best solution (Score 1) 326

Nice move.

Here, I'll just have congress tariff the fuck out of them for trying to peddle their services to American telecom companies from overseas. Check. Hmm and simultaneously have congress budget some more startup and small business incentives so the run-always are replaced with brand new, fresh, American jobs for actually qualified Americans. Mate!

Comment Re:Age? Nationality? Race? and.... ? (Score 1) 326

Why not just admit that if they'd given these jobs to students under a few faculty members for supervision, they might have also brought the cost down and also benefitted from several positive externalities?

People who talk economics without understanding economics typically just argue endlessly. If you knew economics you could've made your own graph.

Guess your might wasn't right enough!

Comment Instant karma is going to be getting you, sahib! (Score 1) 326

Alright University of California! Woo-hoo! Your big liberal plans for globalism, and putting the rights of foreign citizens first, and giving developing nations (like India) a hand, is starting to come to fruition! Marx is working!

I was surprised to see that this is a bunch of over 40s suing to basically reverse what their notoriously unruly student body screams and fights to see happen.

What will really be interesting is if they win, the student body will be able to use the precedent and sue for these exact same jobs to be given to may a few over 40 supervisors but by and large to the student body themselves where they belong.

Comment Misleading headline (Score 1) 76

NASA didn't spend the money on an inferior suit. They spent it on an outside contractor's R&D which failed, somehow, to meet or surpass NASA's own in-house R&D.

Now, why is that? Is there some reason that even with MASA and the contractor sharing personnel, somehow NASA's advancements weren't brought to the drawing board?

At any rate, there are a surprising number of people who would consider wasting money on un needed and unused R&D to somehow constitute "purchase" of an object, a large number of them former British subjects.

Comment Re:Liability (Score 1) 93


I want to go a step further: fuck firmware. Make the god damn controllers work properly in the first place. Test every way imaginable even if it adds months before the manufacturing process. If you fuck up, send your customers replacement ROMs. If they don't know how to desolder the old one and install the new one properly, fuck them, too because they're worthless pieces of shit. Take consumer high tech out of the fucking dark ages.

Comment "Like"? (Score 5, Insightful) 418

I don't get what you mean by "like".

Procedures are procedures, period.

Sometimes it's helpful to have some procedure (or subroutine) store some value in some location before popping the stack.

What I really don't get in this write-up is the insinuation that a focus on (purely) functional programming is a "recent trend". That implies that the majority of today's coders have no fucking idea how coding has progressed through the last few decades (which I've been there to see firsthand).

That's the only interesting thing about this article.

Comment Re:What is this the 5th time this story has posted (Score 0, Troll) 180

no I'm pretty sure there are some influential Indians among the people who took over Slashdot.

Indians only care about India. they're self-exotifying and it's sickening. the British really did a number on them, so now they're second only to China in the sheer scale of pure bullshit riddling their academe.

Comment fuck right off (Score -1, Troll) 180

1. not news

2. the rocket was faulty - you get what you pay for

3. i hated the attention - more specifically, the *angle* of the attention - this story got from the start.

space exploration isn't about being cheap. it's about doing it right. and engineers aren't fucking about being cheap, either.

all this story does is make extremely wealthy corporatists drool and jizz their stockings. the idea that the brightest minds could be coerced into working for less is all they're fucking born for.

fuck this story and fuck the people who pretend like it's amazing that india can fuck around on the cheap. it's sad that everyone involved was not paid significantly more money.

by the way, millions of people are starving in india.

i can see the fucking retarded headline, now:

"India Gets Being Alive On Earth Done Cheap"

eat a dick, India!

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