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Comment Re: Virtue signaling douche bags (Score 1) 501

So, I just did some research, and even a trans advocacy sites indicate the rates don't drop significantly after gender reassignment surgery. They cite a study in Sweden. While it does help with the dysphoria, it doesn't do much to help with other issues. They still kill themselves at alarming rates.

And no, I don't have any prejudice, that I'm aware of, with trans people. I've spent much of my life in 'alternative lifestyle' groups. I am friends with multiple people who have gone so far as to transition.

Comment Re: Short-sighted view (Score 1) 397

"I gave up toys..."

I'm pretty sure that is something I've never said, except for this one post. I don't even know why anyone would want to do so, certainly not as an adult. Hell, as an adult you can buy your own toys.

I'm still in my bed. On my nightstand, I have two Matchbox cars - right this very minute. Sometimes, I can even convince my girlfriend to play with them. She claims she doesn't see the appeal and only does it to amuse me, but she does make them take some pretty sweet jumps.

Comment Re: Short-sighted view (Score 2) 397

I do love my ICE, enough to have a moderate collection - going back to the 50s. I've posted pics previously.

Even though someone tried to kill me with their car, I still maintain my bike license. I haven't picked out a new one, but I'm probably going to go with another BMW.

But... Holy balls! Could you imagine a electric bike built for acceleration? I'm pretty sure that would be almost as much fun as an ounce of coke and a rented chimpanzee. I don't even care if the range is just 50 miles. That will only barely make it to town and back. I still don't care.

I wouldn't really want to replace a ICE with one, but I'd consider buying one to just play with it. Being an EV, it could even have power to both wheels. I'd troll the fuck out of Harley riders.

Trivially related, make sure you have good leathers and don't skimp on your helmet. I'd avoid overly expensive leathers. They don't care. They will cut that right off you. I did get a free replacement helmet. I got it for sending mine back to the company so that they could cut it and study it.

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