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Comment Re:Nope (Score 4, Insightful) 211

That doesn't work because what convinces me won't necessarily convince you. That's because of differences in Bayesian prior beliefs.

Some people also like to waste your time demanding you marshal information they have no intention of looking at. It's like playing a game where they don't tell you the rules, or are free to change the rules to suit themselves.

Comment Re:Who cares about their stupid toys? (Score 2) 159

Clearly you haven't been following this in detail.

The reason the Republicans need a supermajority is that they have not been able to keep enough of their own party together to get a regular appropriations bill passed. So they turned to a stop-gap parliamentary procedure called a "continuing resolution" in which both sides (a supermajority) agree to allow spending to continue while they work out their differences.

So this is all about making a deal with Democrats because they can't keep their own party together. In your system that would trigger an election.

Now as for immigration, a deal on the DACA program, which literally nine out of ten Americans favor, would bring enough Democrats over to pass the continuing resolution. But the Republicans added another condition to that: funding for the President's border wall, which if you recall Mexico was supposed to pay for.

So the Republican leadership has reached an impasse in which they can neither muster enough votes from their own party to pass a regular appropriations bill, nor enough votes from the opposition party to pass a continuing resolution.

Comment Re:Regarding the right to not be offended (Score 2) 330

Under the at-will presumption, a California employer, absent an agreement or statutory or public policy exception to the contrary, may terminate an employee for any reason at any time.

Don't like anti-union, anti-labor "at will" laws? There are things you can do about that.

More here at CNBC- a decidedly non-liberal site.

And verification that Demore forced the CEO to cut short vacation.
Creating a shitstorm that forces the CEO to cut their vacation short is generally solid grounds to be fired.

Comment Re:If only Google would act for the good (Score 1) 82

It's a classic case of someone's hubris blinding them to reality; they need Google a LOT more than Google needs them.

I somehow doubt that Playboy, Inc, needs Google (or boing boing) providing links to illegal copies of their work being posted on Imagur. I think I it is quite reasonable for Playboy to go after those who have done, or assisted in doing, that, and Playboy would not be harmed in any way by Google (or boing boing) taking down all links to that content.

I assume the legal argument is that boing boing NEW that the material it was pointing their readers to was an illegal copy, and thus boing boing was aiding the copyright infringement by advertising it on the behalf of the person who scanned and posted the images.

It would be like, I think, someone who told other people where to find the bootleggers so they could buy moonshine. I assume that this is a violation of the law, but maybe not. I mean, apparently, actual moonshining and bootlegging isn't since the feds seem incapable of watching the television show "Moonshiners" and identifying and arresting those who go on television moonshining and bootlegging. What better evidence do they need?

Comment Re: Need more of this (Score 1) 255

Maybe you should rtfa. The methodology used by the app depends on a university server replaying packet streams at a fixed rate,

Maybe you should read TFA. It says that this is how the professor determined the way that carriers are detecting data that can be throttled. TFA ALSO says that the app tests seven different streaming "apps". If it's going to one server using one app, it isn't testing seven. How do you claim you are testing "the Netflix app" if you aren't using the Netflix app talking to a Netflix server? Ditto YouTube, etc.

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