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Comment Re:I work in he rental industry (Score 1) 685

We haven't changed out business model per say. But expanded it.

The drastic (as I see it) change has been the way they "eliminated" late fees, with the catch being that your late fee was if you kept the dvd too long you got charged for it and could keep it. Then they changed that again and said that if you keep a disc you got from the store, it counts toward your X movies per month plan. Both of those policies kinda leave the customer between a rock and a hard place (IMHO). Look at how much the rental policy for netflix has changed over the same period of time (it really hasn't, with the exception of adding blu-ray and hd pricing).

We offer an online service to combat net flix.Not sure how its worse?

I said it was failing, not that it was worse. I read somewhere that it was failing. I could be mistaken though.

The only better thing between the two was that Blockbuster allowed me to take the mailers back into the store to get another movie while I waited for my next to be mailed to me.

The in-store crap can be nice, but it's HUGELY dependent on the quality of the BBs that surround you (the ones near me suck). Netflix's instant viewing (while kinda crappy sometimes, with DRM and performance on slower machines, and lack of native support on PS3) pushes netflix waaay into the lead (for me). You didn't mention that one!

Comment Re:I work in he rental industry (Score 1) 685

Because it's hella easier, the quality is often better, and Netflix seems to treat its customers like they actually need/respect them. People have been jumping off the sinking blockbuster ship in droves for quite some time.

Why do you think BB keeps drastically changing their business model every year, and Netflix/Redbox have been sticking to their guns, with the exception of minor augmentations for the past several years?

Only people who don't know what computers are, and the few who are giving BB's failing online service a try are still clinging to that old model.

That's the way it looks to this consumer anyway!

Comment Re:Cloud = silver lining (Score 1) 260

Are you really unable to grasp that there are both pros and cons to having content centrally stored, as well as pros and cons to hosting your own content?

Opera knows about facebook, youtube, etc. They are offering users the capability to host their OWN content easily. Did they say you'll want to do that in every scenario? Nope. They seem to have stated that there might be situations where you want to host your own content, rather than uploading it to some other location before somebody has the ability to download it.

They acknowledge that central servers for content are valid and necessary. They are simply providing users with an easy way to forgo that IF they want to.

Comment Cox Customer Support (Score 1) 217

They've got that privacy thing down!

I call them because my Internet connection is down. I verify my identity with them. "Do I have permission to access your account, sir?"

No, you don't. I expect you to investigate my connection problems without looking into my account. Furthermore, I do not grant you permission to access any other data on YOUR network either.

Thank you.

Comment Re:Well, the cable industry should know. (Score 2, Insightful) 442

Clearly you do not understand the concept of 'Net neutrality then. If restriction of content you don't want to see doesn't bother your sensibilities, then the big Internet business will assume that you won't mind when they come for Slashdot.

Guess how much Disney I consume. None. This outrages me because if Disney content can be restricted in this way, ANY content can be restricted in this way.

Your attitude will kill net neutrality. 'Net neutrality goes both ways. If you want your cable company to let you look at whatever YOU want, regardless of how much of a "good deal" they can get on providing it for you, you need to fucking hunker down and support the tards who want to look at Disney content.


Comment Heavy Handed Government (Score 1) 484

Microsoft has acknowledged it has been breaking the law by bundling IE into Windows

There have always been plenty of issues that pissed me off about Microsoft, and I have always resented them for having a closed source rendering engine in their browser, full of flaws, that ultimately ruined 90%+ of the HTML on the Internet.

But the statement above scares the shit out of me. A software vendor is not allowed to bundle its products? WTF?? The government has waaaay too much power when they can tell a company that bundling its products is not legal. Microsoft's actions were highly anti-competitive when they made IE an integral part of the Windows operating system. That was obvious to everybody. They are on two completely different levels of functionality.

But a software manufacturer has every right (IMHO) to encourage the use of ALL of its products.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 582

Really, I've kinda lost my faith in the diagnostic abilities of a lot of doctors

Yep. I have no trust in any doctors. There have been so many times I have received conflicting information from different doctors, for just information that doesn't make sense to me from individual doctors. For a long time, I blindly trusted them and just assumed that medical conditions and their symptoms were supposed to be confusing and seemingly illogical.

Of course, it turns out: if you're able to investigate any issue in the physical world with even a remote degree of aptitude, then you're probably able to get a pretty good handle on what ailments you have or DON'T have. NEVER take anything a doctor says at face value. They have a lot of patients, and they need to get you out of their office so they can get to the next one.

Comment Re:"I can't wait to throw a fireball." (Score 1) 303

Um. This was a demo that simply shows that there is a one to one correlation between your human skeleton's movements, and natal's in-game skeleton that represents you.

Nobody said that all games will require you to dance around a 20ftX20ft space in order to hit dodge balls. You CAN do that with the technology. That doesn't mean a game can't be calibrated to make your game much more sensitive to small movements...

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