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Comment Private Companies Making Money At Taxpayer Expense (Score 0) 351

So the federal government will subsidize the research costs of private organizations who will reap all of the profit (of commercially viable technology) while taking all of the risk while on the other side, the taxpayer will continue to subsidize politicians pet projects (Solyndra) of technology that has no commercial value. Great deal for corporations, bad deal for the consumer.

Comment Kickstarer Is The Biggest Scam On The Planet.... (Score 0) 112

LOL, Kickstarter is the biggest scam on the planet. So I give them money to develop a product. *I* take the *risk* and they reap all of the reward. If I am going to invest into an idea, it will be for equity in that idea, not a free ride for someone else to possibly make millions..

Comment And? (Score -1) 967

Who know the earths climate changes over time. If you look at the graphs ( you can see that the warming period skyrocketed in the 1970s yet didn't during the industrial revolution. What is at dispute is the *cause* of the temperature fluctuations. Some believe that it is simply the earths natural cycles while others (usually those who have a financial interest) believe that it is caused 100% by man.

Comment PC Pro..... (Score -1) 666

The average consumer isn't a reader of PC Pro. If glossy screens weren't focus group tested they would't be sold. I would suspect that there is a loud minority that wants matte screens while the majority either doesn't care or wants glossy. Remember, "pro" users and nerds are not the majority that are a very small minority.

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