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Comment Re:Chill out (Score 1) 965

Thing is, for many people the jailbreaked iPhone is the best device out there, other less restricted devices still might not provide the same experience. So to buy something else you would have to consider how much your idealism is worth. For as long the iPhone is easy to jailbreak, I don't think you will see people giving that much thought.

Comment Re:Unix way (Score 1) 272

The only thing it would take to have .app packaging in Linux would be to have the desktop environment file manager (in Gnome for example, Nautilus) recognize them. They don't need to be supported by the OS at a lower level in any way. Now I can't code C, but I bet it could be hacked into Gnome in a few hours. Then you could have people distributing apps like that right away.

Comment Re:Trends (Score 1) 264

Maybe he just trusts Amd/Intel to make processors that work but does not trust CRU to produce accurate predictions. If you trust some experts you do not have to trust them all.

Microsoft Secret Prototype Phone Stolen 249

bossanovalithium writes to tell us that details are emerging about the theft of a top secret prototype mobile device stolen from an executive's pocket. Time to start watching eBay. "There are fears that leaks regarding the features and early bugs in the software could mar the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 which the company hopes will give it the edge over the iPhone and the new Google Android operating system. The new product includes support for touch-screen technology similar to that found on the Apple iPhone. Among the features offered in the new service unveiled by Microsoft's chief executive, Steve Ballmer, on Tuesday, is a version of Windows Marketplace for Mobiles, which is set to compete with the popular Apple's App Store and provide easy ways to download music and products to mobiles. "
The Almighty Buck

Do Video Games Cost Too Much? 763

Valve's Gabe Newell gave the keynote address at this year's Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain (DICE) Summit about the cost of games, the effect of piracy, and how to reach new players. Valve undertook an experiment recently to test how price affected the sales of their popular survival-horror FPS, Left 4 Dead. They Reduced the price by 50% on Steam, which "resulted in a 3000% increase in sales of the game, posting overall sales that beat the title's original launch performance." They also tested various other price drops over the holidays, seeing spikes in sales that corresponded well to the size of the discount. This will undoubtedly add to the speculation that game prices have risen too high for the current economic climate. G4TV ran a live blog of Newell's presentation, providing a few more details.

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