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Comment Will it work? (Score 1) 190

The UK Revenue come up with these kind of big statements now and again but I think they will make more money out of the FUD factor than from the actual bots - that is if they can get a working system. Without information from ISPs etc it will be difficult to tie most eBay identities to an actual tax payer, the amount of information to trawl and reconcile will be enormous and the SNR very high.

Comment Re:You have to ask? (Score 1) 247

> and constantly in bewilderment at why Joe down the hall who hasn't produced anything in 4 years and who's last major project was a disaster is now a VP.

As you allude, and contrary to popular wisdom, those are the guys to watch. If they've survived 4 years in an organisation without producing anything tangible they must have a lot of powerful friends. You have less trouble with the producers, because they are doing stuff the scope for doing something wrong is much greater.

Comment Re:Meh? (Score 1) 134

The blurring is always poorly done on French TV programs. They had a program about men who visit prostitutes and I recognized a work colleague being interviewed. The blurring didn't follow his head very well so you could see parts of his face, only the eyes were really covered.

Comment RTFA (Score 1) 362

As noted in the original article they used references as an indication of quality. On that basis China was 9th rising from 0 -> 4% of published papers.

Regarding numbers, my wife is a University Professor in France. She has a target of at least 4 papers per year. So even in the "west" quantity not quality can be an important driver to publish. One of her colleagues has been suspended for not publishing enough (well nothing at all for 5 years).

Comment Re:get the fact (Score 4, Informative) 106

Yes, it was one of them. I worked on another Reuters Intelligent Advisor which ran like a 3 legged dog, a very expensive dog, until someone did the decent thing and shot it through the head.

I don't think RIA's expensive failure can be wholly blamed on .net. I think the technical team deceived management and probably themselves about what they could do. They had drunk the SOA/Web Services kool aid and the architecture was basically wrong. I suspect a number of devs saw the project as resume keyword fodder.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 2) 425

> Microsoft, as usual, were late to the party.

That is because they had to wait for the Mac to come out so they could see how it was done, decompile the OS etc etc. so they could produce their own rip-off version. I think this is widely known. Microsoft is late to every damn party, it is hard wired in their DNA from the day they ripped of CP/M via QDOS.

Other windows systems around the same time were GEM (1983) and Siemens Collage (for Unix - mid to late 80s similar to GEM). The term commonly used was WIMP systems for Windows, Icon, Mouse Pointer. This term dates from 1980. GEM was also widely used.

Comment Siemens Collage (Score 1) 384

I remember using GEM back in 1986. It was quite good.

Interestingly it looks similar to a Unix Window System I worked on for Siemens around the same time called Collage (I think). This ran on the Siemens Sinix variant of Unix. I wrote a spreadsheet for Collage and there was a word processor. The system ran on the MX2 / X20 mini computers as well as MX500 multiprocessor systems. One model was a dinky little desktop about the size of a small form factor PC and ran using the National Semiconductor 32 bit processor range. It is was a kind of NeXT Pizzabox before its time. The big advantage of Collage was that it didn't crash all the time.

There doesn't seem to be any Wikipage on Collage so I guess it is lost in the midst of time.

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