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Comment Re:Most likely it's just for fun (Score 1) 155

I think because if one had to find creative ways to make love with his wife living in a flat and a child with a light sleep, has somewhat to find creative ways to do it. Besides someone could find that make a date again with her husband could be really really fun.
On the other hand the media hammering on sexual predators makes people immediately think to these situations. The TV does it because talking about a couple still in lov after having a couple of child is boring and doesn't sell advertising, when a crime attracts a lot of viewers...

Comment Re:Most likely it's just for fun (Score 3, Informative) 155

Everyone has kids knows that the answer in how to have sex with kids is to call Grandma or a babysitter for the evening, to to a restaurant with your spouse and then go straight in a motel or if you feel fancy, search a quiet spot, park there and put newspapers on the car's windows.

Comment Re:Easier than you think. (Score 1) 116

In Italy there was in use an analogue method of relay, called ping-pong, where the signal from the broadcast studio or the main tower was sent in a regular VHF or UHF channel and used by the local TV set, to cover the valleys and hills the signal was received and frequency converted in another VHF or UHF channel. This method was used to relay the channel from Switzerland, France or Yugoslavia.
You could jam a signal with a CATV single-channel amplifier and a TV modulator, but the bigges problem on some sites was that sometimes weird propagation make te secondary transmitter to start broadcast other station or get a garbled signal.

Comment Re:Intel ME is awesome (Score 1) 171

What should be done for safety is to add a couple of pin on the chip, one that enables the BIOS flash an the one that enables the ME engine or not. So a couple of jumpers on the motherboard could make the buyer to control the behaviour. IF this is difficult because is a laptop or an embedded ssytem they could be changed with soldered blobs or even using a keyboard controller that remember the configuration set with a particular key combo on power on in an eeprom. Problem solved.

Comment Re:Why cassettes? (Score 1) 276

I still have a couple of tape decks in working order.
One it's use to make cassette tapes to use with a Commodore 64. when i feel that I have to relax playing a small platform game of my youth makes me feel more relaxed than the las Xbox games, and you can find a lot of oldies in the .tap files.
I have also some old original cassettes and airchecks and a prosumer 3-head Teac deck that has a decent audio quality, and I use it als to record my piano practice and listen to me. The user interface is perfect. I know that there are some TASCAM secorders on SD card that are of good quality, but the tape deck simply works.
Unfortunately CD rewitable audio recorders are impossible to find and they had decent DAC and ADC and user interface.
You can use a PC, but i find the interface distracting.

Comment Re:Firmware updates (Score 1) 299

I have made an update make them solve a visualization problem on channel names: it's white without any mask or outline so on light images it's unreadable, for instance. They didn't fix it. The problem is that an analogue TV set sold with the same brand (that was actually designed and built by the brand, compared to the new one that is only a rebranded chinese thing) with a mask ROM firmware had the problem solved, and the Font they used was the same of the teletext and was quite readable instead of the new antialiased font. There's a reason becaus on Trinitron TV the OSD is green...

Comment I sttill prefer streaming of real radio stations (Score 1) 115

When I listen to Internet radio I have found that the radio that are better tasting to me are the ones that have a real radio transmitter and are either simulcasting what is pumpend in the antenna and their "speciality" channels. The advertising level it's bearable, because they know that too much ads and too less music or spoken words makes people to tune out and I also suppose that overe the air ads are paid more. I am in Europe, so we have a lot of public radios, and if you like classical music you have a really good choice, especially mecause some of these radio have also an orchestra to make recordings of live shows.

Comment Re:There are several reasons for this... (Score 1) 117

IT's easier to give back an item bought online, due the consumer protection law or how compaines are willing to help you, I remember in the '80 you could buy from a papaer catalog sending a paer letter some items, even a TV set and the company had a policy you could return anything without problem in the 15 days after delivery policy.
On a brick and mortar shop it's norally more difficult.
If you see a physical object in a shop you could easily check if it's ok or it's broken and have a look on exact aspect an dimensions, so if you see that the item is too small or too big or the colour is ugly you haven't to rely on some photos and descriptions.
And of coures the bane of post order, the item is damaged in transit, very difficult to happen i a brick and mortar sho-p.

Comment Re:TFA is about taking a break -- email ? (Score 1) 154

The first thing is that most of those social media are a covert way to fulfill you advertising. Normally the reaction of too much advertising is for people to ditch it. Like some pay TV service with ads or when you are watching free to air channel and see twice the same ad in ten minutes you change channel, but to avoid this social media are applying all techinues to make you hooked and are using you and your friends accomplicdes on locking people in the advertising system. The applications are made also to hook you. Mailing list, usenet don't have this the applications to read and write emails and news articles are also made to work in an offline and batch fashion, you could esily allot time to read and answer them and of course non advertising is presentand when is present is called spam. If I carry a cellphone, guess what you couls send me and SMS or even if you need to talk to me urgently dial my number and make a phone call. I have found that when I said this to my friends it actually worked. I turn off the phone at night and put in charge when I am home, because for true emegencies I have a VOIP landline withj an unlisted number and an hardware answering machine.

Comment Fermo Posta (Score 1) 203

In Italy you have the "Fermo Posta" where packages are to be picked at the nearest Post Office, and is mandatory for C.O.D. over a certain amount of cash. normal price for the service id 3 €, but for amazon and possibly other book stores on-line is free.
There are also the "locker" that are automatic and placed in a lot of malls that are working like this.
Book store chains are also offering the service in their physical book stores, you order the books online and collect them in a bookstore.
This is because normally on a parcel proof of delivery is needed. For smaller parcel, if you have a mailbox with a wider slot PDF in Italian It costs about 100€, when a normal one costs 20€. I think that an automatic system will cost more than a mechanical systems that by the way doesn'tneed batteries or a power supply.

Comment Re:Here's a few (Score 1) 495

Fast food chain burger flipper -- replaced by a robot. There still will be employees at the stores, just a bunch less. Minimum wage laws have made their work too expensive.

You're thinking about fast food chains only, because I think that there's a market of better fast food and restaurants. Like because in every decent mall you could buy either prepackaged ham or cheese or ask to be served by a clerk and get fresly cut food. It costs a bit more, but it's of better quality without preservatives.
Also from what I see, more cafeteria-like shops are appearing and in the other end of spectrum you could find automatic vending machines givig sandwiches, awful-tasting sandwiches.
I think that the fast food chain premise is flawed because they are selling an inferior good coated with advertising to compensate. Giving coffe in a paper cup is cost saving but makes easy for a small bar to make a better coffee, and a bun filled with preservatives and added sugars will taste bad compared with a slice of real freshly baked bread.
Given the obesity problem, I think it' bettet to eat less (calories) but better (quality). And at the bottom of the line, you're going to spend less.

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