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Comment I can see the similarity (Score 4, Interesting) 136

Sure, they're not identical, but I can see how someone not in the know could be confused by it. Pandora have been around long enough to be well aware of what the PayPal logo looks like, colours used, etc. In fact, had the "P" been black or some other colour, PayPal may not have even cared.

They're also required to protect their Trademark, or they could potentially lose it. So I'd say cut PayPal some slack.

Not a case of "rounded corners" here.

Comment Re:Windows Store apps that browse the web need to (Score 1) 87

That's the big downer with the way they're running the windows store.

If they want the windows store to flourish, they need to find ways for users to get ALL of the windows applications they want, including web browsers.

Microsoft, why not have a certification programme for web browsers so that approved web browsers are able to use their own engines?

I think that'd keep users happy as well as help with increased use of the Windows Store. It may also please those that are calling "monopoly" and "antitrust" because only Microsoft browser engines are allowed (while I understand the technical reasons, I don't like the idea of limiting user choice so severely). Just a thought.

Comment Re:What about docker? (Score 1) 117

While it'd be cool if you could do that, I don't believe that it's possible in Docker.

The docker host needs to run the same OS as what the container was created on.....e.g. only Linux containers run on Linux hosts (although I think MS may be working on changing that) and only Windows containers run on Windows hosts.

Comment Existing XBOX One owner here (Score 2) 44

Thing is....I dropped a whole bunch of cash on an XBOX One before the "S" was announced. I'll be damned if I'm going to replace my console now. No XBOX VR for me...no sale for them. Thanks for fragmenting the ecosystem.

Only way I'll end up with any of that kit is if the XBOX One I have, dies. And even then, it'll depend on what titles are available for VR and the price difference between a regular console and the "S" model. I don't care about 4K and a lot of other people I know don't care either.

Comment Re:Nope... (Score 1) 193

ARM are low performance chips, that's why they have the room to improve. Intel server chips crush ARM in performance. Let's take a typical hyperconverged server my employer uses with 8 six core Xeon processors, how many of your USB powered ARM servers will it take to equal that? A row of racks?

The question is though....in some situations....is it better to have a monster multi xeon machine that sits there idling 98% of the time vs an ARM based server that may only be idle 10% of the time while consuming a hundreth of the power that the xeon system does?

Both the multi xeon machine, and the ARM machine have their purposes in the server area. It's about picking the best tool for the job. One size doesn't fit all.

Comment Re:How ARM will handle the bloat? (Score 1) 193

It's kind of relative to the role really. But I know I get horrible redraw issues using default RDP settings because it tries to use things like image backgrounds (have to turn that off in the RDP connection settings before making a connection, never had to do that previous to 2016)

Does anyone know if services like "Sync Host" (used for syncing mail, contacts, calendars,etc.) and "Maps Downloader" are present on a core install? I'm guessing not....but I don't know why it's included in a GUI install either on a server? Only time it'd be possibly useful would be for RDS

Comment Re:Pity my MacPro can't run it (Score 1) 202

Yeah, I still have an aluminium PowerBook G4 in my garage. But the reason it....and the G5 machines became obsolete was because they switched architectures....and they had numerous heat related issues with the G5. I still remember the photoshopped pictures of the 5 inch thick PowerBook G5's.

Still, I accepted that my PowerBook G4 would be unsupported with the Intel switch because they'd reached severe limitations with the PowerPC architecture.

The main reason I'm pissed is that this particular "obsolescence" is not due to technical issues.

I know my Mac Pro won't stop working....but I paid a premium for the machine and in a couple of years time, some of the Mac only software I use may not even run on El Capitan, despite the machine itself having higher specs than a lot of the "newer" machines that can run latest software.

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