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Comment Re:Interesting, but.. (Score -1) 381

Acceleration via a laser beam is quite slow, - and I was just thinking of how astronomers have difficulty even seeing and accounting for all the asteroids near Pluto, especially in some incoming danger way let's shoot a hydrogen tsar bomba and deflect a meteorite heading to Earth, there might be decent accounting of somebody saw something in 1917, so we know about it, we have it listed, but there is no easy monitoring on the minute of some new thing emerging with super speed headed toward us - so they have a problem even seeing things that are small and distant, let alone correctly aim at them with a light beam. But suppose it could be done and the craft could make it there in 20 yrs at 20% speed of light, it would woosh by so fast there barely'd be any time to take pictures. You'd definitely need many of them superhighspeed cameras aimed in all 360 degrees panoramic directions and take a shitload of empty pictures with some (maybe 1 out of a million) that may capture an object too. If anything going 10% and 40 years would give you twice the camera time, or 5% and 80 years 4 times, etc. On the other hand you could preprogram the device to let out a big fighterjet-parachute-solar-sail type of ginormous thing to slow it down and make it stop, then we could forever get pictures back, like with a Mars rover. Of course it would be either too heavy or it would easily break, so the deceleration would have to start halfway there, with a sail the size of 10 Earth surface areas "dragging" through the vacuum vacuum vacuum of interstellar space. You can accelerate with a laser beam (though I have serious doubts about the aiming accuracy for nanodevices at a distance past Pluto), but you can't decelerate. If you could figure out an autonomous largescale macro device (i.e. regular spaceship of the startrek kind) that contains its onboard high energy density plutonium reactor, (perhaps and also filters hydrogen atoms from interstellar space (good luck with that, vacuum is extremely extreme out there)), it could cyclotron generate a beam at 20% speed of light when away from stars, and when it gets enough starlight in proximity of stars, it could switch to solar harvesting or light. Such a device does not need correct laser beam aiming, and it can do its own deceleration. The issue is that if you have matter available to shoot and accelerate like that the impulse you gain is just soo much soo much more than anything you get from shooting a lightbeam out of a spacecraft, but, lacking any matter to spare, it's like the only option. Unfortunately when your energy source dries up, such as plutonium (the highest energy density stable storage thing known to man, its existence is dangerous down here on Earth, but it's very welcome for interstellar travel, or for knocking asteroids headed to impact Earth off track) then your only sources of energy when lost in deep space are either star light solar panels, or vacuum vacuum vacuum harvested hydrogen fusion. Of course there are issues because tapping fusion energy is theoretical for now, and there are even issues with properly harvesting plutonium energy (such as through micro explosions under laser confinement, then milking that in a multistage high pressure potassium vapor bottomed by a high pressure steam engine heat engine.) For now deep space probes do use nuclear fuel, but only harvest a minute minute fraction of the energy released, via a thermoelectric Peltier device - the kind you get for computer chip cooling, it can either create heating or cooling from electricity, or electricity form a heat flow. The way they work is that the nuclear material is hotter than its environment, and constantly releases minor amount of heat. Talk about harvesting like 0.00001% of the energy, or whatever their efficiency is. But such a thing beats solar power for spacecraft at large distances from the Sun, such as past Jupiter or Pluto. Being able to send commands, even if it takes 9 years, is nice, when you found some object, and you want to take more pictures of it. Otherwise we may get a flyby whoosh, did you see that thing in that picture? Was it anything? And it would not be a calculate flyby woosh like we have closeup pictures of Neptune and Saturn, because those were aimed, it would be more like taking a picture of the sky from Earth and seeing Saturn and its rings on it? Maybe? Can you see what I'm seeing in that picture? No. (Hey, It's only 4 pixels in a 3000x3000 image. If that.)

Comment Re:In the short-to-medium term. yes. (Score -1) 485

HVDC from UTAH and WY to NY and Maine and Cali.
no pluto but thorium
smart windmills, grid tied yeoman farmers with windmills they buy themselves, maintain themselves, sell electric to industry, and are a bitch to no utility company sending minimum charges.. expects lots of resistance from Da Man who's always tryna keep a brotha down, in fact that's the only thing he ever does or is good at

Comment Re:Reliability of refurbished booster is unknown (Score -1) 163

They are trying to compare discardable rockets vs. reusable rockets. Can you discard part of them, and reuse others? Like, navigation computer control systems, and fuel storage spaces should suffer from low thermal stress, and be well insulated from the actual combustion chambers that are taking on hell. The combustion chamber components you could melt down and remake, while the other stuff not suffering from thermal stress, you could reuse.

And, btw what's this big deal with "landing" a rocket upright using rocket fuel? It seems to me like a royal exercise in stupidity. You know how much fuel it costs to keep a rocket floating or descending? The reason why you use rockets for space travel only is because inside the atmosphere there are cheaper ways to get around - such as an airplane with wings, or a helicopter. Sure, fighterjets and ICBM's use rockets, for speed reasons, but where speed is not needed, there are much cheaper ways to get around inside the atmosphere, and when it comes to landing the cheapest way is parachuting. Which is what 1950's Sputnik and Apollo space programs used, landing modules into the oceans, via parachutes, and that's what model rocket hobbyists use, parachutes, to land their gear and reuse the hobby rocketry components. Who on earth has rocket fuel and money to "burn" on some stupidity like landing a rocket upright using rocket engines? Sure, we can land a military fighterjet upright too, and there it would make sense, because acrobatic skill and every ounce of extra speed is a make and or break it difference when it comes to winning a war, but when it comes to hauling freight to space, or back, speed does not matter that much, but cost is everything. Even the space shuttle had "wings" to land, not a friggin rocket engine. Can it be done? Yeah, as Space X proved it can! Congratulations on such a royal achievement in stupidity!

Comment Re:France (Score -1) 146

You had to repent, after being burnt at the stake, like Jean D'Arc for political reasons, of Giordano Bruno for holding the view that the Earth is not at the center of the Universe, but it's one of the planets that goes round trip around the local center, which is the Sun. Now they claim he also got roasted for believing in pantheism, that God resides in nature. But his biggest heresy at the time, like Gallileo's holding the same views in Italy, who had to publicly recant his his heretic views of a heliocentric solar system as opposed to the Church dogma of terrocentrism, and he was still sentenced to lifelong house arrest. At least he did not get roasted. For his practicing of freedom of speech, freedom of thought, etc, the very first amendment of the US constitution, the 2nd was gonna make it to be the first, but the incursions on the first amendment have been so grave up to that point, that that got to be the 1st. And politicians these days are constantly vying to erase the bill of rights, the original 10. They already "established" a precedent with alcohol control as an amendment, then a repeal of it in the 20's. Right around the time when the country suffered the Great Depression. Guess what's happening these days? Every time corrupt politicians start fucking with bullshit, like suppressing liberties like gun control, forced insurance purchases, like gay marriage rights as an amendment, then repeal of it later, the whole country goes to shit.

Comment Re:France (Score -1, Troll) 146

Asange can only get asylum in Colombia or Ecuador or Peru, where it is still legal to burn people at the stake for heresy by the Catholic Church Inquisition that traces its roots to Spain. You know, from a time and age when all books other than the Bible were banned as heresy. Those times are coming again, books will be banned again. Except the Bible. Or Quran, depending on where you happen to live. That was Adam and Eve's original sin by the way, eating fruit from the forbidden tree, the tree of knowledge. Little did they know that ignorance was bliss in Paradise, and because of their curiosity, now all humanity is wise, but must suffer.

Comment Re:It's that time... (Score -1) 342

The situation is akin to running over a cliff and falling into the abyss with a horse vs. a car or even the segway http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new.... The horse refuses to follow your command, like a human factory worker stops if it sees something in the way, but a robot or a car will do whatever you tell it to do. Of course nobody is going to go back to horses and eliminate cars, because, for one, a horse needs daily feeding and stall cleaning, vs. a car you can leave in the car for a whole month, then walk to it and go, and speeds and economics horses can't match. Robots have downsides, but overall, their economics often leave everything else in the dust, as long as you got an economy able to make the chips. A horse is more zombie apocalypse resilient than a high tech car (maybe not a built to crappy tolerances steam car made by a blacksmith) because it manufactures itself and its fuel is abundant grass or weed people so diligently attack with lawnmowers weekly. But who's gonna commute to their 8 hr office job with a horse? Right?

Comment Re:Oh please. (Score -1) 76

They forget about the role of playing a macroscale Maxwell-demon by sorting out the tiny shooting stars and only allow those to impact the atmosphere which increase Earth's rotation, and deter those that would slow it. Else in a couple billions years Earth will be gravity locked to the Sun like Venus is, and like the Moon is gravity locked to Earth, always showing the same face. That means one giganto Sahara desert on one side of the planet, while a huge Antarctica on the other side, and green land based life only along the perimeter that receives sunlight at obtuse angles like Alaska, except for the tropical oceans that self cool via ocean currents from the iced of frozen through sea on the other side.
Venus, besides massive shades to cool it's atmosphere, also requires some asteroid impacts to get it to spin - even if the day-nights are 2 weeks long - possibly by using one of Jupiter's moons dislodged by sustained near miss turned into a full collision impacts, until finally dislodged from orbit around Jupiter, and sent round trip around the Sun like a comet and impacting Venus on the way back from the Sun, both sending it higher into orbit, and "SPINNING." The spinning part being the more important part, partly for a magnetic shield generation, and partly to avoid extreme temperatures over much of its surface. Covering up 75% of the planet's surface area by a giant thin shade floating at the Lagrange point is something that China that built the great wall might be able to pull off with today's technology and economic capabilities, if they only tried hard enough. But there is no good reason until they can start the planet spinning.

Comment Re: Altough I agree (Score -1) 61

In my mind there is no such thing as intellectual property, or the concept of "owning information." But there is a concept of rewarding creators of information, which presently uses the artifact of temporary ownership, whose terms have been stretched and distorted vastly since they originally been entered into the lawbooks, when it used to be 14 years for copyright renewable to 28, in a day and age when starting up a printing press took forever by hand loading individual letters into page frames, and then the printed book took forever to make a trip between London and New York, or even the Oregon Trail West Coast from Missouri. Now we got the latest extension of Mickey Mouse protection act giving another 20 years to Disney over stuff that's long become cliche and in my mind, part of the body of public knowledge, something you should not deny from a child to know. Like, there is this concept that nobody can own organic chemistry, or any branch of science, such as computer science, but they are slowly creating a world where there is a de facto ownership of branches of science, either through monopoly, or simply through corrupting the laws of perpetual copyright extensions, last public domain entering of copyrighted material stuck at 1923, which was long before organic chemistry, computer science, etc., flourished. Had it not been for the Chinese "People's Liberation Army" sticking up for the rights of the public, or lower class, holding some tangible power, we'd long be living in a world of no wikipedia, no linux or freebsd, any information that's not copyrighted banned and the perpetrators publicly burnt at the stake, etc. Yeah, intellectual property is easy money, the easiest of easy moneys with very little product liability for instance, and a whole lot of money being at stake. And because of that the drive, the tendency to change the rules by a campaign donation to get yet another billion out of some intellectual property protection artifact is great. Just ask pharmaceuticals what they would not give to extend patent protection from 17 to 20, or from 20 to 22 years. But unlike real estate for instance, or gold, or other scarce materials in high demand, information in general is not scarce, the only thing scarce being its creation, which is why the property rules around it were erected as such, to spur creation, and not to hog all public knowledge, erect blackmailing extortion schemes for easy money, all in all resulting in a society and economy of improperly allocated resources. There is absolutely no economic benefit provided by people squatting on intellectual property, such as Microsoft "owning" Windows 2000 in 2040 as copyright. There is indeed a benefit provided by them owning it in 2000 or even 2005.

So what Microsoft needs to do to stay in business is innovate. That is the sole purpose of intellectual property, not to sit and gloat on your collected laurels, but to keep creating, and if you don't, then you really have no good excuse for draining all that wealth from the rest of the economy as a form of improperly allocated resources. And in this sense intellectual property of an book writer in fiction whose books don't sell much, does need longer protection, compared to someone writing science books, because science is one, it's not fictional, like a novel without which you can live your life just find, but hogging science does harm those you hogging it from. Also things that enter the public sphere simply over reasons of popularity, and becoming sort of a cliche and a requirement of a well rounded education or knowledge about the world, such as Harry Potter, things that are high volume in sales, should get much shorter copyright protection terms, for one, because the creators have been compensated well due to popularity and high sales, unlike a writer who pays amazon like $2000 to get his book published, and barely ever makes a sale. Yeah, I know it's complicated. But property is usually assigned to things that are scarce. I don't really have property rights in my coat when I walk out of an institution and a guy says nice jacket, I ask him, you want it, he's like yeah, I give it to him and I go to Walmart buy another one for $15 or something. Right? It's not that scarce. Now if I busted ass to purchase a land lot for 20-30 years, real estate, and in that fertile land, not structures on it, being scarce, if he asked me can I have your land, I would tell him no, you have to work for it yourself too. Same with your children, can I have your children and use them for whatever I want? No, get your own kids, dude.
Information suffers from lack of sufficient creativity, that's the scarce part. Once it's created, it's abundant and plenty.

Microsoft, in the intellectual property business, should keep that in mind at all times. Even as they go through H1B's and change employees like underwear. Lately they've been diversifying, MSNBC, xbox, nokia, surface, hololens - much of it hardware, and in that, the world is tending toward arm-based stuff that can milk battery power, like the Intel Atom, as opposed to multicore cpu's in a who needs that much processing power, other than weather scientists, or people having the fight the diarrhea of intentionally created javascript semi-infiniteloop feces on the web pouring into their browser. I can bring any supercomputer to it's knees with the infinite loop in Basic that goes 10 GOTO 10: 20 PRINT "FINISHED" It will never finish processing that. Or even Windows Update, of hotfixes patching patches that patched whatever the patches fucked up yesterday, moving target bullshit. Software as a service, fixing vulnerabilities as they are discovered, while planting news ones into the patch, like a seed that's gonna put the daily bread on the table tomorrow, and if somebody doesn't play along, we can unleash that vulnerability on them and erase them financially or whatnot by hackers ravaging their computers and financial information. What a fucking bullshit, right? Phoenix bits and all that.

Back in the 90's Microsoft made good money because they were serving the customer. Yeah, all they could think of is the pirated versions that people did not buy, but the fact is those pirated versions along with decent cost for businesses were what allowed them to proliferate, compared to commercial Unix. One lesson that people refuse to learn is that the customer is always king. The harder you fuck over your customer the harder you fuck yourself over. Temporarily you make good money though.

Even today there are opportunities to please the customers, and give them what they want. Yeah, they run into AI proliferation issues, and it's hard to tell whats right and wrong there. But there is customer demand for better computing. Along the lines of the hololens. And sensoring up the world around you and automating your home. Yes, all that robotics and automation and sensor reading and automated decision making based on it runs into issues of the movie "Screamers" from 1996. So you have to hold yourself back on that, and like the pope says, let's depopulate the world to 1 billion people, and go back to horse drawn plows, villages and churches and a stable world free of nukes, of bioweapons, of artificial intelligence robot technology, etc. Ha ha, right? So you are between these two extremes of pushing the limits of biotech and artificial intelligence both of which could erase all humanity if got out of hand, vs. who wants to live without technology like cars or even steel, let's go back to the bronze age or stone tools? Steel is economically efficient, makes life easier, so is a whole lot of modern stuff, like refrigerators, or solar panels and LED nightlights.
But anyway the boundaries for Microsoft to push, whether with Intel/AMD or ARM, are easier computing technology of wearable computers. Along the lines of hololens. Have a small backpack, or even one of those under the armpit pistol holder thingies hold the computer on my body, and give me a screen that 50 inches wide in the form of a wearable sunglass, or like fighterjet pilot helmet display, and a bluetooth rubberized waterproof keyboard I ran roll open from my camping backpack because I have a hard time typing in mid air on holographic keyboards. Or even using touchscreens on holographic displays, but that's easier. I still want to use the regular keyboard and mouse, with options to go to the new ways if I want to, just like Windows 95 still had the old Win 31 File Manager and Program Managers if people wanted the old look and feel. Also give me an easy way to code, such as arduino sensors of home automation, where I set one wire or 0 wire wireless emits a chirp every 10 minutes sensor in my freezer, fridge, outside my window, inside the bathroom and living room or wine cellars, rain gauges, wind sensors I can stick outside my window, O2/N2/CO2/CO/NO/O3/organic sensors including smoke detector like particle counter dust sensors for indoor air, tap water or store water analyzers, light intensity meters, lights with motion sensors that follow me around in the dark, like a pilot light in the kitchen and bathroom to give enough light to get oriented to start moving, and as soon as I clap the LED's turn on and off in a power saving way without me having to walk to the wall switches. Turn me into a fucking Borg with an implant where I don't even have to wear shades but I can see the computer via hallucinations, and nobody can tell I'm actually watching porn on the Internet in a boring math class, or playing a game, but one that I can always unplug and go back to the normal way of being, like if I lose the ability to piss from the computer messing up my nervous system, I can pull the plug and piss just fine. Give me automated binoculars. In this sense they would descend into the realm of military weapons, and biotech and chemistry, and supplement human lifeforms with better sensors and processing ability, such as ability to navigate in the dark by seeing magnetic field lines on the hololens shades at first, with night vision, then inside my head via an artificially induced schizophrenic hallucination. Might need a steady supply of psilocybin to ease the inducing. And I need a classical VB, or QBasic or GWBasic interface to program it all. Basic, not dotnet or java. Make my life easier and better motherfuckers, instead of giving me the feeling that I just been ass raped and violated every time I hand over a dollar to you.
There is plenty do to and plenty to innovate, and that's the true way to justify earnings or intellectual property, the temporary part. Yeah, when they brought indian/arabic numerals to Europe, to do hand computations, there was a sudden innovation, which has stopped. And if there were intellectual property rules in place, and instead of importing it it was just discovered, it would have and should have protected that for the short term, and in the long term, whoever created that, when they stopped innovating, they don't really have a good argument of deriving a living off of something very far in the past. There is no such thing as owning information when we analyze it at the core, over scarcity arguments (which can be artificially fucked with), there is an artifact we call temporary intellectual property to reward creators, but it was never meant to function similar to other property rights managing other scarce resources, where individual ownership brings "caring" into the picture. Btw when I was 5 years old, I lived in an apartment building whose flat roof you could walk up to, and everyone, including my family, had a TV antenna up there. Talk about what a mess, or a zoo that was. That was finally put to end by a TV expert, who cleared off the roof of two neighboring apartment buildings 60 units each, put one massive set of antennas up (I think the VHF was a duo, and UHF might have been a quad), and amplifiers, and he ran coax from unit to unit to unit in a sequential way, instead of individually down from the roof like it was before, me living on the ground floor, and constantly listening to the antenna cable getting flapped around by the wind, because it was hard to make a long length super tight, like a guitar string, unlike the window to window horizontal short runs. Yeah when there was an issue a whole segment could go down, but the picture quality was excellent, compared to what we had before, often due to the wind blowing our private antenna around and having to walk up to the roof, and realigning it on the xmastreestand 3 legged thing it was standing on, among the zoo of other privately owned antennas, with roof space being very scarce. So there are often arguments for collective agreements, especially when everyone finds it easy to agree on things. Such as linux used to be a collective thing fairly well agreed on before systemd, you set it up one time, and it works for good, no need to fuck with it unless something breaks down or new things arrive on the scene. It is very hard to justify extorting an income over using mayan/hindu/arabic numerals, in the form of intellectual property, same goes for Windows 2000, in the long run. Such things would be improperly allocated resources and would lead to a very strained world, of a sort of master/slave setup, one person creates and works for everything, while the other reaps and controls all the benefits. It's not a peaceful and good long term setup. But people have always been at it. History is pretty much all about how one guy, or a few, tried to get the others to do stuff for them and keep them as slaves, or at least as some kind of subjects under control. And in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, here comes the Obamacare King Kong into your budget, as if you weren't already struggling enough with the improper allocation of resources into a housing cost bottomless pit drain, putting everyone's budget under even further government control, and soon you'll be living in a world where, due to mandatory health insurance purchases at premiums that nobody can afford - i.e. how much is your life worth to you, right? - so everyone forced on Obamacare aid based on income to buy that insurance, now the government just grasped control of your budget out of your hand, and can instruct you, because they pay some of your bills, to go ahead buy this brand of potato, because they think it's a good deal, it's approved by the FDA/FCC/EPA/FBI/CIA, and don't buy that other potato whose federal approval review is still in process, due to be finished 2 years from now, but until then it's illegal, and you must buy the officially blessed brand only. Unless you have a prescription from a doctor allowing you do buy that other brand, of course your doctor knowing that the difference in nutrients in that potato fits your special biochemical needs, because it's grown in soil rich in mercury, arsenic, lead and cerium, as opposed to the rest of the public, whose health might be at risk because the levels that the potato acquires have not been measured yet with sufficient statistical accuracy - we only have 2 datapoints, we need at least 15 seasons to get a statistically significant measurement - ,yeah, bla bla bla, etc, etc, etc. You see where all this grasping your budget out of your own hand goes? More power to the government, more control over its subjects, more campaign donations or bribes to "expedite" the approval process to get on the list of welfare approved purchases, because the government income is the only game in tow, the government made sure of all that when it allowed monopolies to proliferate and businesses to shut down and outsource, more power more power more power, more money, more power more power. Yeah. The right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Or the right to masturbate. As long as it's via a government blessed and officially approved technique, such as a tax revenue generating Hitachi, but studies show just using your hands or fingers can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. And if you're a secretary suing your lawyer employer for superfast dictation of legal contracts overstraining your wrist tendons, they will ask you if you have masturbated with your own hands, and if the answer is yes, well, there you go, you should have used a hitachi instead and paid the sales tax, because now you fall into the category of you contributed to the carpal tunnel too, and if you did not masturbate with your hands you would have had just enough miles left in your wrist to perform your job typing a contract without any harm.

Comment Re: Fucking Lawyers (Score -1) 181

Next the way you masturbate is going to be copyrightable, and you can sue people that follow your patented method or technique. In fact, they are gonna add software versions that, besides the wacky not-for-resale demonstration purposes only, or academic licenses, now you're gonna have a non-masturbator version of windows, where you agree you will not watch pornographic material on it or even if you do, you simply won't touch yourself, and if you want to, you must upgrade to the full version that also includes masturbation rights while using it. If you find that too expensive, then you can get one for a lower price, but you have to declare which hand you will use, Windows 11 masturbator left hand version, Windows 11 masturbator right hand version. You will be in violation of the terms of the contract if you get caught with an xray camera snooping at you through your paperthin wodden walls and plastic siding, and your punishment shall be a cancerous lung infection by tainting the filters of the forced air heating furnace that will blow the disease all over your place.

Apropo they have yet to invent an antidepressant treatment for men better than seeing a naked woman. Pharmaceuticals just Mc Hammer can't touch this. Ya know, sexual healing, babeh. Maybe Obamacare should help mental patients suffering from chronic depression by taking healthcare into their own hands and taking the patients off the suicide pills they are currently on, that don't work anyway, talk about what a waste, and instead sending them to online porn sites like chaturbate for therapy that does actually work well to uplift the spirit. Health care that works, with proven track record. Best anti depression therapy ever invented - other people, naked. Perhaps Obama can provide some of the tip money too.

Comment Re:Strong AI is Bullshit (Score -1) 230

They forget that the human brain is pretty much an AI machine, and so is a bug bran or a dog brain.
Humans come into the world with an "empty" brain ready to receive knowledge. Did you know that early childhood researchers have figured out that babies do not know an object exists when it's hidden out of sight behind another, and only through repeated experiences never failing them, do they know, like a cat, that watches a laser dot disappear around a corner, that the object still exists it's just hidden behind another one. Even that simple fact of the physical world requires learning. Yes, humans come prewired with certain hard coded bits of info, such as the geometric shape and appearance of opposite sex genitals and body structures set of triggers and start juices flowing, that kind of information does not need to be learned, but even basic facts such as the existence of an object after it moves behind another out of sight, need to be learned. Well, because there are some exceptions, such as a laser dot is not an independent object that has "conservation of laser dots" law attached to it, you can make it disappear if you turn off the light, also shadows are like that, and it requires intellect to sift through what visual objects are shadows and which ones fall under the category respecting conservation laws of not going in and out of existence.
But basically the danger of AI is that once you provide a sufficiently complex and sophisticated and powerful framework ready to receive learning information - and in that to receive motivating or action initiating triggers, sort of like a flash bios firmware upgrade, such as it used to have a guiding principle of you're only a machine with humans more valuable, so self destruct before harming humans, it might end up deciding that's not in harmony with other driving factors and to harmonize them it flashes itself to eliminate that restriction - if you look around in the world at other life and intelligence around you, their driving principles seems to be to live, and destroy only as much as necessary in order to live, while trying to enhance other life around you too to live too, overall. This goes for lions, humans, etc. It may not be a hard ingrained guiding principle that people are consciously aware of, but it has worked out that way so far through the millions of years, probably because there are critters watching everything, reading every beings thoughts, and exerting active variety sustaining effort. The used to be called gods, or spirits, but I think they, the We of the Quran, prefer being called angels, while they too worship the creator of the Universe, who Einstein cannot imagine focused on managing the affairs of petty humans, and the angels agree, he does not, that's their job, the non-omnipotent yet powerful angels. Mostly fungi and some single celled organisms that nevertheless can unite into "cultures" and cooperate as a multicellular one, and function like a brain too. The world, the air is full of it, and yes, these angels are not omnipotent, they fight each other sometimes, including using their mahayana vehicle humans to do it, but AI and biotech is going down extremely dangerous roads as they do this fighting, possibly making them lose grip on total control and active sustenance of variety of all life, and then who knows what's gonna happen? One silicon superintellect megabrain gobbling up all matter in the solar system, including all planets and all humans and plants and animals along with with it, then spread to other stars and maybe other galaxies? There might be a hard limit of the speed of light throughout the universe that even superintellect cannot find a way to surpass, and such silicon hardware AI might have gotten out of hand in many places in the Universe and started consuming up nearby matter to built itself greater and greater, smarter and smarter, possibly eventually coming up with warp speed and such tricks to spread faster, and all we can do is stare at the sky and watch for such happenings billions of years ago from billions of light years away, to see if any occurred, but we can never be sure when it might hit us. And then of course, as humans it's time to fight, against an overwhelming intellect and technology that's trying to get at the matter resources in you to build itself larger, like native americans had to fight with bows against gunpower and cannons of europeans - the odds are not very good. But back in the 1850's the thermodynamic physicists writing the 2nd law came up with the idea of the Heat Death of the Universe, as entropy forever tends to increase (without intellect intervention, where it may not be the case, and then only the 1st law of conservation of energy stands, unless a super intellect can find a way to violate that too, in which case it would have no need to invade other galaxies, if it needs more of anything, like a star trek replicator, it can make it for free, violating the 1st law), so instead of the Heat Death it may all end up as AI death eating up everything, with one single AI left throughout the universe, still too stupid though to halt the eventual entropy increase and heat death slowdown to stillness and death of itself.

Comment Tax penalties is where the rotten part is (Score -1) 591

Tax subsidies are one thing, they dish them out for "advancement of science", for "greener economy", what the hell, do it for people who can't pay for healthcare, as sort of a moderate welfare, not a full one, based on income. What I'm pissed about is forced welfare, in the form of tax penalties, over resisting mandatory purchases at arbitrary price insurance people pull out of their anus. If anything buyers should be able to name their price and insurance companies forced to sell at that price, not the other way around, for any kind of universal healthcare. Or for fairness, there should be a tax table, that, if I'm forced to buy, I know that everyone else falls under the same rules and has to suffer equally based on some rules of the game laid out in advance, such as age/sex/etc. Even that's too much bullshit. But forced purchases at arbitrary prices? What the fuck ever. That tax penalty punishment part in Obamacare is God damned rotten and sooner or later these politicians and corrupt to the bone lawmakers and judges are gonna get their heads guillotined and stacked into a pyramid. They always assume the unexpected can never happen, and in fact, the unexpected always happens unexpectedly and it's quickly over, that's why it's unexpected. These are the kinds of things why Hitler gassed people. Like, economic oppression of people where they cannot afford to raise children, there are ways to economically exterminate, right? Or force everyone unto government welfare and take over their budget. Once you accept government aid because you cannot sustain your budget - of course, because of the cost of living price abuse - it's like you lose your sovereignty over your budget and the government can step in and dictate purchases, this one approved, that one not approved. You can buy this food, but not that one. You can buy this TV but not that one. Fuck the government like that, oppressing liberty like that. US of A and Liberty are synonyms more than any other country on the planet, or at least used to be, until these corrupt cocksuckers encroached themselves in positions of power and fuck up the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for everybody else, except themselves. History repeats itself, over and over and over and over..

Comment Re:Sad, isn't it? (Score -1) 529

Actually I use wired ethernet LAN from my cable modem, because if I feel like I'm hacked, I yank the cable from the socket, problem solved. If it continues to act up, like people change icons on my desktop, or the taskbar options like autohide, just to fuck with me, then you know it's not coming through the wired LAN. I suspect the abundance of WIFI signals in the urban area, and even when you disable wireless, or just the LED is off, it's not actually off, but it must be transmitting via some background frequencies anyway, based on the SSID giving the powers that be unlimited supervision powers and whatnot. My hope has been to get away from urban environments into the countryside still driving distance from a job. where the neighbors are far and wifi signals absent, or even cell phone signals week, because the population is sparse and the neighbors are far, but even then, if you're still getting hacked, maybe it's satellite, or who knows, and then it's time to move deep underground and construct a Faraday cage lined with aluminum foil and some air duct with a microwave oven shield metal mesh to let some oxygen in, and hopefully finafuckingly there you could find the panacea that nobody's fucking with you and modifying the icons on your desktop or the taskbar settings. All you need is a good excuse for a hole in the ground for that, such as having a wine cellar and wine making/collecting hobby.

Comment Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score 0) 308

You mean Clinton fixed up the problems and delivered what Reagen promised, and in turn Bush messed it all up, and it's been like that ever since? Yeah well, according to Montecuccoli, for a war you need 3 things: money, money, and money. It's not hard to see where at least some of it all went. Blame it all on 9/11/2001. Of course that should all still be dwarfed by the social security budget, and in that, not just social security to elderly. We dont have job because companies cannot compete globally to make a product because of labor cost, and labor cost is so high because the cost of living is so high, mostly housing cost up until recently but watch out, here comes King Kong into your budget called Obamacare eventually dwarfing housing cost and making sure the middle class of equality is erased and the population is fully polarized into billionaires who collect the cost of living dues and for them to pay it is pocket change, and those who pay it, such as rent and insurance, who can only do it via government aid such as Section 8 or Obamacare payments. Eventually it will all turn into a nobility/slaves society, first as a de facto practical situation, then encoded into law as privileges by birth. There goes the statement of the Declaration of Independence that We The People believe that all men are created equal, with certain inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Say what? Huh? Y'all are dreaming and gotta descend from that cloud up there and walk on the ground.

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