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Comment Re:Ubuntu screwed it up (Score 1) 205

I'm in the same position. All it did was stop Skype from working and fuck with flash. I had to killall firefox after watching videos in order to get sound working in other apps. Annoying as hell.

I just put a "killall pulseaudio" in my startup script, as removing pulseaudio actually removes ubuntu-desktop :|

Comment Re:Inauthentic? (Score 1) 437

I refuse to recognize Hip-Hop as music. I mean sure, it's got a beat and you can kill cops to it, but it's still lacking something.

I used to feel the same way, but mainstream hip hop (which is probably all you've experienced) is as bad as mainstream rock. It's shit. Very rarely do the unwashed masses have any taste in these things.

However, I suggest you grab Cannibal Ox's "The Cold Vein". I really couldn't stand Hip Hop until I got into that album. The instrumentation is absolutely fantastic, and the lyrics are very clever and make use of irony and all that jazz you don't see in tv-friendly hip hop. The final verse of Iron Galaxy especially is amazing. The lyrics are wonderful, the delivery is perfect, etc etc.

I come from a rock background myself. I play guitar in a metal band. But I was kidding myself when I thought Hip Hop was some kind of exception and didn't have the sliding scale of musicianship that other genres possessed.

Comment Re:OOOK (Score 0, Flamebait) 1061

I'm not a global warming denier

"Global warming denier"? Are people actually using that term?

If one disagrees with the dogma of the day, that makes one a "denier"? Sigh. Political correctness has gotten way out of hand.

Well, yeah. Someone who denies that the globe is warming is indeed a global warming denier. Just like someone who builds bridges is a bridge builder.

Don't try and bring PC into this. Political Correctness has not "gone mad". "Political correctness has gone mad" has gone mad. We don't all read The Sun and The Daily Mail you know. I thought a /.r would know a little better than to breathe nazi rag bullshit all over us.

Comment No! (Score 1) 827

Apple doesn't have a monopoly in the OS market. That's the whole point of anti-trust - it's stopping companies that have a monopoly in one area from gaining leverage in another market. Microsoft stops OEMs from bundling other software and IE is near impossible to remove without 3rd party tools. It's unfair. Apple's strategy isn't, because they compete on a level playing field.

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