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Comment Re:sometimes users don't control their machines (Score 1) 512

There is (or at least used to be when I last checked) no group policy support for Firefox. (And probably Opera / Safari / Chrome) Users saving passwords on a potentially insecure system can be a much larger security risk than a insecure browser, especially if they can't install anything because of their profile.

In some places IT hates it when users can play around with settings (probably because of more support issues, etc)...

The risk of IE is also quite low if it is run in a limited profile (if the user has admin access, they would probably ignore the policy and upgrade IE / install something else because of all the broken sites when using IE6)


Platform Independent C++ OS Library? 310

quench writes "Hello! I have been away from Windows and Linux application software for 5 years or so, doing mainly C-like embedded C++ programming. Now, I am about to start a project emulating embedded hardware on Windows. Been there, doing #ifdef WIN32 and #ifdef LINUX stuff, don't really want to go there any more. What I actually need is a platform independent lib covering Windows and Linux variants to handle sockets, IPC and threads abstractions. And a rock solid but simple embedded database to emulate flash memory. My reflex said, go for ACE and Berkeley-DB. Tell me, am I out of time? Am I missing something new and trendy, easier to use and better? Did time stand still?"

Comment OpenMoko (Score 1) 208

The OpenMoko freerunner has a GPS... Just no decent navigational software that I know of...

The GPS is based on the Neo1973, but it is only partially open-source....

Comment Re:Inaccurate? (Score 1) 354

If you take all versions (and not just the latest versions) of Windows apps it might not be that inaccurate... At least not compared to a 64-bit Vista..

Some really ancient software runs on Wine, that no longer works on Windwos... Windows do however support a whole class of applications that Wine does not (yet): Anything that uses drivers...


Submission + - Is browser compatibilty a human rights issue? (

MoHaG writes: After someone noticed that South Africa's Independent Election commission's blocks any browser other than Internet Explorer on Windows, a complain was filed with the Human Rights Commission.

It poses an interesting question: Is the accessibility website of an important element of democracy a human rights issue?

The complaint says that, "unlike the vast majority of websites on the world wide web, and unlike other South African government websites, this website [the IEC website] is not accessible to viewers, except those who have purchased a particular software product from a specific software vendor.


Submission + - A Virus Being Spread via Facebook Wall Messages (

arikfr writes: "This morning I've received a notification email from Facebook, notifying me that my friend Asaf left me a new message on my wall. This seemed to be OK until I read the message:

hello Arik, hehe.. you could be tht naughty i didnt knw..really hard to see tht from my eyes lol

have a luk urself...
(click open or run when prompted)

The contents of the message was suspiciously similar to the Messenger virus messages. Another look at the URL gave out the fact that this is not a Google url, but a phishing site. Because I use Ubuntu at the moment, I wasnt concerned too much of being hit by a virus, so I followed the link. The link goes to a download page of Picture_dl.exe, which I guess is some sort of a virus/worm.

I couldnt find this message on my wall, so either Facebook removed it already or the email didnt come from them. Either way, Ive notified their support about that, and I hope they will act accordingly.

Bottom line — beware of viruses being spread via Facebook/look like Facebook notifications, and dont click on every link"


A Virus that Attacks Brain Cancer 131

Ponca City, We Love You writes "In the past few years, scientists have looked to viruses as potential allies in fighting cancer. Now researchers at Yale University have found a virus in the same family as rabies that effectively kills an aggressive form of human brain cancer in mice. Using time-lapse laser imaging, the team watched vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) rapidly home in on brain tumors, selectively killing cancerous cells in its path, while leaving healthy tissue intact. 'A metastasizing tumor is fairly mobile, and a surgeon's knife can't get out all of the cells,' says Anthony Van den Pol, lead researcher and professor of neurosurgery and neurobiology at Yale. 'A virus might be able to do that, because as a virus kills a tumor cell, it could also replicate, and you could end up with a therapy that's self-amplifying.' It's not yet clear why VSV is such an effective tumor killer, although Van den Pol has several theories. One possible explanation may involve a tumor's weak vascular system. Vessels that supply blood to tumors tend to be leaky, allowing a virus traveling through the bloodstream to cross an otherwise impermeable barrier into the brain, directly into a tumor."

VW Set To Release Diesel Hybrid 179

SUVs_SUCK writes "It's official — Volkswagen is unveiling a hybrid to challenge the mighty Toyota Prius. And not just any hybrid, but a diesel-electric hybrid it says will deliver 69.9 mpg. Auto Express says the Golf hybrid will be offered for sale in Europe by the end of next year. No word yet on when we might see it in the US."

Time To Abolish Software Patents? 259

gnujoshua writes "Has the time come to abolish software patents? Fortune columnist Roger Parloff reports on a new campaign called End Software Patents, which he views as 'attempting to ride a wave of corporate and judicial disenchantment with aspects of the current patent system.' Ryan Paul of Ars Technica writes that the purpose of the campaign is to 'educate the public and encourage grass-roots patent reform activism in order to promote effective legislative solutions to the software patent problem.' The campaign site is informative and targets many types of readers, and it includes a scholarship contest with a top prize of $10,000.00. We've recently discussed the potential legal re-examination of software patents."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - What OS has the fasttest boot time?

An anonymous reader writes: I have some older computer equipment at work that I want to re-purpose as application appliances. The machines will sit, unpowered, until needed then powered up. No way around the "sitting powered off", company directive. What is the quickest booting OS them I can use. I know about LinuxBios and that would require new hardware which does not go along which the re-purposing theme. Some of them do not need to be connectted to a network, so an old versions of linux or Windows 98 are possible. DOS is too old to consider. So what are my options?

Microsoft Releases Specs for Binary Formats 205

skolima writes "In response to requests for even easier access to the Binary Formats, Microsoft has agreed to remove any intermediate steps necessary to get the documentation. They're going to just post it, making it directly available as a download on the Microsoft web site. Microsoft will also make the Binary Formats subject to its Open Specification Promise by February 15, 2008. They're even planning to include an Open Source converter implementation."

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