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Submission + - Introduction to math of 3d graphics

holden writes: "Graphics programming is seen as the cool thing by a large number of people. A lot of confusion arizes when people attempt to do 3d graphics programming without the proper mathematical background in basic linear algebra. Christopher Evensen recently gave a talk covering covering the important fundamentals. The math is also accompanied by a real world programming example."
Input Devices

Submission + - SandioTech 3DGame O' 6DOF Laser Gaming Mouse

dampeal writes: "A comprehensive review of the world's first 3D gaming mouse, it features six degrees of freedom of movement, plus is fully programmable. The 3DGame O' mouse also features a laser sensor, with adjustable dpi up to 2000, and software that allows you to create and save profiles for games or applications as well. Link HERE"

Submission + - Microsoft offers 107k Windows Vista licences

carvalhao writes: "Microsoft has pledged to offer 107 000 (that's right, 107k) Windows vista licences to Portuguese college students, without a copy limit as long as it's for academic/research use (portuguese article here). This offer will be made to scientific, engineering and technology universities across Portugal.

Got a better way to lock the next generation of IT users to your OS?"

Submission + - Server power consumption doubled over past 5 years

Watt's up writes: A new study shows an alarming increase in server power consumption over the past five years. In the US, servers (including cooling equipment) consumes 1.2% of all the electricity in 2005, up from 0.6% in 2000. The trend is the similar worldwide. 'If current trends continue, server electricity usage will jump 40 percent by 2010, driven in part by the rise of cheap blade servers, which increase overall power use faster than larger ones. Virtualization and consolidation of servers will work against this trend, though, and it's difficult to predict what will happen as data centers increasingly standardize on power-efficient chips.

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