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Comment Re:Happens when you call people "deniers" (Score 1) 735

Ok here's some evidence: fresh of the press: Nature Geoscience One of the co-authors (Dr. Bas van Geel) is actually very skeptical of AGW, because all of the GCM's underestimate the effect of the sun on climate. I tend to agree with his ideas, based on measurements, seems to me more evidence based than the output of computer models.

Your style of posting is of a denier, one dissenting scientist does not make an argument, in fact his case of the sun's influence being large was as far as I know based on local studies, then from that he thinks global climate change depends largely on the sun. This is already moronic but then he says that some solar amplification effects must exist which can't be modelled. That's just ludicrous.

However, it's long been known from lots of modelling that the sun's influences are minute. So what has he offered to counter that? Nothing? Indeed. And when you say that you agree with van Geel, what does that mean? Surely you mean 'He says something I want to believe', as you are not up to a scientific analysis of this stuff yourself...

See also: http://klimaatverandering.wordpress.com/category/bas-van-geel/ (Dutch).

But slashbart can at least read that. I already knew from slashbart's username and his style of writing before looking at his 'Homepage' that he is Dutch.

You're probably a believer of the insane 'groenerekenkamer' liars aren't you? And it wouldn't surprise me either if you are a VVD voter (= antisocal a-hole party of the Netherlands).

Comment Re:Constituants. (Score 2) 258

A new government put in place by a revolution will be stacked to the limit with bizarre extremists and arseholes who could never make it to power under democracy. The most likely outcome is that you'll get some unstable maniac in charge, with no limits on his power.

People in the USA have had bizarre extremists and arseholes in government for a long time. See George Wanker Bush and his fellow sociopaths like Condeleeza Rice, Rumsfeld, etc.

It can't get any worse than what those a-holes did which helped destabilize the economy and with the war they started, the world around Iraq.

Comment Colour temp: Neutral white LEDs (ca. 4000K) (Score 1) 743

If you don't like the warm light of an incandescent, you won't like these. It's very, very close in character. There's no reason they couldn't make cool white LED "bulbs" at 6000K. They would in fact be significantly more efficient, but would have a markedly poorer CRI.

No they wouldn't have a markedly poorer CRI. These Philips EnduraLEDs have a CRI of at least 80, but that's not very high. 75-80 is standard among all high power LEDs (Cree XRE, XPE, XPG, Philips Rebel, etc.)

All LEDs have the problem of a large spike in the blue wavelengths, a drop off, then a lower hill again. It's much less of a spike in warm white. Note that esp. cool-white (5000K and higher) is not very good to differentiate various colours. For use outside all greens become one green blob, yellow/brown disappear and this results in a loss of depth perception.

I tested these issues for bicycle use and found neutral white of ca. 4000-4500K to be the best. See: http://swhs.home.xs4all.nl/fiets/tests/verlichting/experimenten/index_nl.html

Within the house you encounter other colours and neutral white is also far better than cool white. I modified LED torches/flashlights which are normally cool white with neutral white LEDs and it was a huge improvement.

Another issue is that lower colour temperatures (esp. more red) are easier on the eyes. This is also a reason why people actually like warm white.

Cool white is harsher, gives more eye strain therefore not a good idea for environments you spend a lot of time in.

Someone said about 5000-5500K CFLs:

Cold and uninviting? That's not a very nice thing to say about the midday sun.

Except that it's not. It's a lower temp. but due to the blue spike it's not the same as what you experience in sunlight, see above about disappearing colours and the blue spike...

Comment Anyone who demands Prof [sic] is a moron (Score 1) 1181

I would be grateful if *any* scientist show *any* prof "that global warming is real and man-made". I haven't seen any the latest 30 years I have been interested in - and followed - climate science. (BTW, correlation is not causation. Or You maybe beleive mens toilets causes prostate cancer.)

Science is not mathematics. Insisting on 'proof', however you want to define that in physics, for an extremely complex system like the climate is moronic and shows you don't know how science works, how scientific concensus is reached, and what it means for a theory to accepted as being confirmed.

Furthermore, as I've said here long ago and on my website sind ca. 2005 when I saw the inane arguments from nutjobs here in NL (e.g. a group called Groene rekenkamer, T. Richel, Simon Rozendaal who spouts his moronic garbage in the magazine Elsevier (from a-hole publisher Elsevier), even if not the scientific branch, they're related)), that considering it not-happening even if there is a small chance is so stupid, that it's beyond belief. Such people who don't care think like this: "Sure life might become extint in lots of places, but that's not my problem, I want to drive a city-tractor! (aka SUV)"

Comment Already exists... (Score 2) 252

And that is psychological analysis using facial expressions and language used.

See the TV series 'Lie to me' which is based on an actual psychologist Ekman.

It's known from analysis of police interrogations here in NL that being friendly in interrrogating gives most results. Even if they are totally oncooperative you can talk in such a way that people want to tell you something, because they want to brag or show how clever they are.

But I guess the FBI hasn't learned that lesson yet...

Btw., I think such analysis should also be applied to all politicians. It would prevent getting sociopaths like George Wanker Bush becoming presidents, but in lower positions too, such a-holes do enormous damage to society.

Comment Does he pay best-buy $5 million due to bad perf.? (Score 1) 513

CEOs/managers always get bonusses when the company makes lots of profits (most likely not because of the those managers but because of the general economy).

So now I wonder if through his obvious bad leadership (general economy is never the main influence otherwise there would be no bonusses, therefore it can't be used as a cause of bad performance either! ;-) ), he is charged $5 million, or more,,for his obvious incompetence?

Comment So they block mentioning their own products too? (Score 0) 198

"Microsoft has confirmed that users of its instant messaging app will not be able to send each other links to popular torrent site The Pirate Bay, citing malware fears. 'We block instant messages if they contain malicious or spam URLs based on intelligence algorithms, third-party sources, and/or user complaints. Pirate Bay URLs were flagged by one or more of these and were consequently blocked,' Redmond told The Register in an emailed statement."

The worst malware I ever encountered is from microsoft (specifically windoze 95 and 98), I can remember the days, it took hours to get rid of all the problems and stuff it installed that I didn't want. I suppose they are also blocking all mentions of windoze 95/98?

Comment Re:Consumers will foot the bil for AT&T (Score 1) 155

So your solution is to never punish businesses instead?

Money punishments are pointless most of the time. The bosses should get punishment. A substantial decrease in pay, and if things are bad enough throw them them in jail, forbid them to be part of boards of any companies etc. That's punishment that will work!

Limited liability the way it works now gives 2 kinds of sociopaths a chance to wreak havoc: The actual sociopaths, and companies consisting of a-holes and sociopaths in the board and as directors who make the company act as a sociopath.

What's being done is as the OP said and which I said e.g. in a posting some time ago here about punishing a company (I think it was a story about Kodak), not useful.

Comment Re:Enertainment Industry as a Holy Cow (Score 1) 311

3) Then the shipbuilding industry was in trouble. The Government told them to f#@k off. 4) Then the mining industry was in trouble. The Government told them to f#@k off.

I used these as as examples against the similar whining of airport Schiphol. I believe the whining (I mean the way it's being done and who is being blamed) about declining profits shows the attitude in a company. In Schiphol as wist most businesses related to airtravel industry they have some sort of superiority complex and believe it their God-given right to annoy people with noise, not to have to pay taxes, not to have to pay sound insulation etc.

With the sound recordings there is something similar going on, they have a 'we are fantastic' attitude which is just ludicrous.

The decline of sales was already moaned about long before napster, as they have an attitude of 'enough is never enough'.

In NL, prices of CDs were high (much higher than records) when first introduced, it was said prices would go down when the cost came down. That never happened. Of course not. People like me remember that and buy little.

The music industry also reached a boom, from people who replaced their record/tape collections with CDs and the young generation with lots of money in the 1990s.

Both these sources dried up: The first had almost all what they wanted, the latter went for other stuff: Games, mobile phones, whatever.

For myself: I haven't bought music in a decade or so, I download some music, but very little. Most of what I liked, I already had (bought, loaned), so why buy anything? And yes, then sales will drop, not because of piracy but because of natural market development.

Comment MPAA: Accusing others of what they do themselves. (Score 5, Insightful) 214

Google's proposed brief appears to be part of a systematic effort by Google, itself a defendant in ongoing copyright infringement cases, to influence the development of the law to Google's own advantage

Pointing out the facts is not a 'systematic effort to influence the development of the law'. In fact it's been the MPAA and similar organisations that have been doing that, and the only ones who have been doing that, not by pointing out facts, but by describing their own fantasies (about how much they could earn, of course without thinking that if more money is spent on MPAA stuff, less is spent on other sectors in society) , and nightmares (about how much they're getting ripped off), and with their bribes (a.k.a. lobbying).

And of course these people don't even understand their clients: The obnoxious 'don't copy' ads at the start of DVDs is almost enough to make me want to 'pirate' stuff.

Accusing others of what they do themselves is something I found to be a typical trait of sociopaths in humans, and corporations are designed and geared to be exactly that, which shows the problems involved with corporations. Reduce liability: If a corporations spout such nonsense as this, they should be held in contempt of court, i.e. everyone responsible: The lawyers, and the entire board of directors etc.

Comment Re:Say What? (Score 2, Insightful) 244

I'm sorry... but these greedy fucking cunts need to be taken out back and horse-whipped!!!

This shows the moderation system on slashdot just doesn't work in some cases. This is not flamebait, this is a realistic depiction of what justice is supposed to be in cases like this!

Language might be a little unappropriate, but that's nothing when compared to the action of these sabam a-holes!

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