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Comment No focus (Score 1) 338

I know a lot of people who just aren't focused on anything long enough to discover any nuance or get any appreciation out of it. I was that way too until I slowed down and considered exactly what I wanted out of what I was doing, chose my activities more carefully, and just made myself stick with one thing at a time and see it through. I'm infinitely more satisfied now.

Comment I don't care either way (Score 3, Informative) 240

All I care about is if I can hold the phone at the sides without my hands triggering the touch screen. If it helps them maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio then it's fine, it's hidden by a black status bar anyway. If they want a notch because they're looking to expand the screen vertically to 18:9 then no thanks. I don't like the candy bar form factor.

Comment Apparently Zuckerberg didn't disagree (Score 2) 120

Apparently Zuckerberg didn't disagree with "All the questionable contact importing practices. All the subtle language that helps people stay searchable by friends." because he kept those in place.

If the ends didn't justify the means, Zuckerberg still justified them, just with different rhetoric. The end result is still the same, just given a different name.

Comment Intel already tried this (Score 1) 159

Intel was trying to push this when it was clear they weren't making headway in the GPU space and also to push a heavier reliance on CPUs over GPUs (or at least in conjunction with) but it never seemed to gain any traction and was just relegated to tech demos.

I guess we'll see how Nvidia does.

Comment Re:Will piss off the tourists (Score 1) 150

You take a flight and go to party and socialize and have your phone in your nose?

Still, nothing wrong with snapping pics and taking videos, and then uploading later when you're sober. People probably don't need a live feed, plus it will probably save you some embarrassment!

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