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Comment I've been looking for a good Linux tablet (Score 2) 96

This is nice, I have a Switch and would like to experiment with this, it has a powerful chipset.

I am looking for a good Linux tablet that is reasonably repairable and has a battery that isn't too hard to replace, but unfortunately a lot of common ARM Android tablets can't install Linux natively and seem to require a VM with VNC. There are also not many reviews of x86 tablets from a Linux perspective.

Maybe this will be with a look, it seems to perform well and support hardware features.

Comment Of course not (Score 1) 228

Why would any app limit itself to being available only on one OS? Working on Linux I find it easy to bring my work over to any other OS, and that is extremely helpful. I can be productive wherever I go, and be sure my files will be usable. Of course I prefer the environment of Linux to to my work, but I am not restricted to it.

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