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Comment Re: Police? (Score 1) 370

Real name policies are brilliant for scammers. I had a Paypal scammer use my email address to look up my real name on Facebook. He made a supposed email from Paypal look more authentic by starting it off with "Dear ..." Luckily I use a fake name on FB, so it was easy to spot.

Comment Re:Funny thing... (Score 1) 229

If you've got nothing better to do then it's worth it, even if it just means they aren't scamming someone else for real while you are pissing them around. I've never had one but I fancy being the confused type who has a corded phone that is in a different room to the computer, meaning he has to explain each mouse click, sometimes several times.

Comment Re:Yeah, Good Luck with That (TM) (Score 1) 160

FSP (how many know about _that_ protocol!!)

I remember FSP. You'd set it going on a file, log out, go on holiday for a couple of weeks, survive a nuclear war that reduces man back to the stone age, rebuild society and rediscover lost technology, rebuild the internet, and FSP would start downloading it again as if nothing had happened. Slow as hell, but you couldn't kill it with a bad connection.

Comment Re:Do you need to? (Score 1) 429

Exactly. Most people here use a web interface to do their emails, while I use Pine in a terminal. I can knock off an email in about 1/4 of the time it takes them to fart around clickety clicking away at their browser. Don't just do change for change's sake, and don't let peer pressure force you into doing something the stupid way,

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