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Comment Re:Hail trump!!!! USA USA USA!!!! (Score 1) 198

Has there ever been a corporate or citizen's welfare program that has not been dropped as soon as the political tides turn in the US

Absolutely. Oil subsidies and tax breaks have persisted for decades through Democratic and Republican administrations. Same for tobacco subsidies, sugar subsidies, corn ethanol subsidies, etc. The mohair subsidy persisted for more than 70 years after it became completely pointless in 1945. The carried interest tax break for investment bankers famously just survived in Trump's big tax reform, despite his repeated promises during the campaign to eliminate it.

I could go on, and on, and on.

It is much harder to find the opposite: An example of corporate welfare that was actually ended.

Comment Re:Playing video games is disconnecting from reali (Score 1, Insightful) 92

those who spend huge amounts of time playing video games avoid personal growth and avoid connecting with the world.

Do you have any actual evidence for this? Or are you just spouting off the same "conventional wisdom" that is debunked by this study?

Sure, introverts may be socially isolated and play a lot of video games. But that doesn't imply that the games caused the isolation, nor does it imply that the isolation is actually harmful, to the introverts or to the rest of society.

When I was a kid, there were no video games (other than "Pong"), yet we still had socially isolated people, watching Star Trek on TV, reading SciFi, and playing D&D. So are interactive video games "worse" in some way compared to likely alternative activities? I have seen zero evidence for that.

Comment Re: Hail trump!!!! USA USA USA!!!! (Score 1) 198

Subsidies? Tarrifs aren't distributed to domestic manufacturers, they are taxes, added to the federal budget.

Wrong. These are protective tariffs. They are being put in place to make imports prohibitively expensive, so few if any will be imported. So no "tax" will be collected. This allows domestic manufacturers to raise prices beyond the market price.

So the net effect is:
1. People are required by law to pay more for solar panels.
2. This extra money goes to corporations that did nothing to earn it.

This is corporate welfare, pure and simple. Corporate welfare is stupid when it is used for something like ethanol subsidies, which at least in principle are an improvement over burning fossil fuels. But this is EVEN STUPIDER since it will DISCOURAGE solar installations, and result in more FFs being burned.

I can't believe anyone with a brain thinks this is a good idea. In the short run we spend more on fossil fuels. In the long run, we make our solar industry even more uncompetitive.

Comment Re:Hail trump!!!! USA USA USA!!!! (Score 1) 198

So how does that view fit in with the fact that the tariffs will reduce to elimination over the next 4 years?

Because once corporate welfare is in place, it becomes politically impossible to remove it. The companies receiving the subsidies will have more money for lobbying, while the (far more numerous) companies hurt by the tariffs will have less to spend or will go out of business.

Sounds to me that it's an opportunity for american manufacturing to get their feet before competition resumes, and nothing else.

This is the classical justification for protectionism: That it is only "temporary" while we "learn to compete". But that never works because companies don't become stronger by being coddled.

Comment Re:Hail trump!!!! USA USA USA!!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 198

What about American solar panel manufacturers?

This ensures that American solar panel manufacturers will be shielded from competition, face no pressure to innovate, and fall even further behind in the world market.

Just more corporate welfare, at the expense of American families, and one more field where America has given up even trying to lead. So much for MAGA.

Comment Re:China China China (Score 1) 139

people ask, "What could possibly go wrong?"

In most instances, the answer is "nothing". Gene therapy on a dying patient past reproductive age is going to affect no one but the patient.

Part of the problem is, the things that go wrong are often not things we even suspected might go wrong.

You can use this same argument to ban anyone from doing anything.

Some reasonable regulations would be acceptable, but America has WAY too much of a bias toward "doing nothing". We are letting the future slip away from us in so many ways.

My daughter is a biotechnology major at the University of California. She applied for an internship for the coming summer. Many of her classmates had every application rejected, but she was offered well paid internships by four companies. Why? She speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Comment Re:Reskilling is a horrible word (Score 1) 356

According to TFA, 1.4 million workers will be displaced, which is less than 1% of the American labor force of 160M, and it will be spread out over ten years, so less than 0.1% per year. About 20% of workers, or 200 times this amount, change jobs every year.

Comment Re:Reskilling is a horrible word (Score 1) 356

like ... librarian. Then reasonable Web searches come along, and the demand for reference assistance dries up overnight.

Except that according to the BLS jobs for librarians haven't fallen, and are expected to grow by 10% over the next decade, faster than the general labor market.

Comment Re:Of course they do... (Score 1) 171

If governments regulate the exchanges so much that they close, then the value will pretty much drop to zero.

I don't think so. That sort of authoritarianism is exactly what Bitcoin was designed to circumvent. When governments start turning the screws on their own citizens, the demand and value of cryptocurrencies will soar.

Comment Re:Why should JPEG be replaced? (Score 1) 253

Then use PNG for those types of images.

PNG has its own set of deficiencies, and not every image fits cleanly into "better as a JPEG" or "better as a PNG". Many images are way smaller using wavlet compression, but also need transparency, which JPEG doesn't support. But if you convert to PNG, you get a file size 10 or even a 100 times larger, because PNG is lossless.

It would be much better to have one universal standard that covers everyone's use cases, a single format that allows a mixture of wavelets, rasters, and vector graphics, as well as alpha transparency.

Comment Re:Hmm, I don't have the money for this (Score 3, Funny) 247

Sorry, skills such as running a cash register are no longer needed. Please proceed to the starvation line to your left.

Exactly. It is well known that automation causes poverty. Economists call this "the productivity catastrophe". That is why America, Europe, and Japan are mired in misery, while countries that have wisely avoided the "efficiency trap" such as Somalia, Ethiopia, and Afghanistan, are doing so well.

Comment Re:No chance of becoming mainstream (Score 2) 174

The exact same thing was said about Linux in 1991-1992, that it would never compete against "real" operating systems like Solaris, ULTRIX, and others.

That is not my recollection. There was a demo of X11 running on SLS Linux at the 1992 SUG meeting, and the folks from Sun were giving each other very concerned looks. They clearly saw it as a serious threat.

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