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Comment moof (Score 1) 48

New bumper sticker appearing on cars around biotech hubs soon:

- God is just a severe case of HADD

I wish I could get one of my independently-processing mini-brains to diagram in Visio one of its predictive models. My main brain would like to see that shit.

Comment Re:For the record (Score 1) 9

I had to look that name up. Now I know what you've been spending your time on, instead of trying to get straight even just the basics of the American political scene.

It's like trying to discuss the pros and cons of the set of next possible moves on a chessboard, when the person you're talking with hasn't gotten straight in his head how the pieces move.

About the most intelligent thing that can be said to you is "pass the bong". Maybe all your knowledge is in how to rebuild the engine for a (psychadelic) VW Bus; who knows.

Comment Re:For the record (Score 1) 9

p.s. Fuck the iPhone.
p.p.s. To celebrate Cinco De Mayo I went to Taco Bell. Thank you brown people for taking time out between siestas to invent the delicious quesadillow or whatever. I love Mexicans!

Comment Re:For the record (Score 1) 9

Right, because identity politics has been brought to us by both sides. Damn those Right-wingers for giving us Political Correctness, multiculturalism, affirmative action, etc.

And evidently "stability" is Leftie code for "stagnation":

Comment Re:For the record (Score 1) 9

You delicate little flowers need to get over his having a personality. Obama is a stiff fucking cardboard cutout with a devious, deeply evil man inside. I'd rather see who I'm dealing with, even if the New York thing isn't my cup of tea.

Otherwise, yes, Hillary would have carte blanche, and the political class on the Right would love if their comrades in knowing better than the little people ousted their problem for them.

I'm a/have been a Trumpster, but I don't see how a Trump presidency could work. The problem is the people would be sending him there because the politician assholes aren't doing what we want. So we say here, he's our guy, work with him, but they'll just say fuck you (to the people). Like they always have.

Comment Re:Punishes users and good advertisers (Score 3, Insightful) 707

Advertisers have always been lame, but what's newer is that today's web site operators don't seem to care how trashed up their sites look. Pop-overs are so common now it's becoming unbearable, but oftentimes they're not even ads. It's enter your email because every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a newsletter now. Or wouldn't you like to take a survey.

And videos that auto-play. That shrink down and position to always being visible when you scroll past the full-size player. Because they're sure you didn't really mean to avoid it. Or the I guess HTML 5 video player controls where there's no stop or pause button present, so all you can do is drag the progress bar to the end to get it shut the hell up and stop visually distracting.

The point being, it's the in-your-face kind of ads that I want to block, but it's also a site's own content, that's been implemented in a purposefully pushy way, that needs blocking.

User Journal

Journal Journal: anyone have a wireless-ac router?

Folks' Linksys WRT54Gwhatever shat itself recently. I had set them up with what seemed to be the equivalent of mine, at the time. Mine's the black model with the green lights; theirs were blue for some reason. Mine's older, but still going. Although a couple of years ago I had to start resetting it every day. I switched off its DHCP and assigned static IP's to my few devices, and that worked around the problem evidently.

User Journal

Journal Journal: and you're gonna like it, too

" uses cookies.
We use simple text files called cookies, saved on your computer, to help us deliver the best experience for you. Click continue to acknowledge that you are happy to receive cookies from"

Comment Re:WTF??? (Score 1) 8

"If so..."?

Yes, it was said by candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton during that night's Democrat's debate between candidates for their party's nomination to run next for the U.S. Presidency. I had recorded the debate from earlier, so was able to replay this part as necessary to get the quote exact.

Its significance to me (while only incidental to this JE) is that I've been saying here that the ACA, AKA "Obamacare", is indeed obviously a path to single-payer in the U.S., and that the American Left's expressed dissatisfaction with it was fake.

With that said however, this Nazi realizes he's actually probably going to need government-mandated and -subsidized (via wealth redistribution) healthcare dispensing. I'm a programmer who'll be 50 this year, and I'm not management material, and with globalism and the deceptively easy appearance of outsourcing what I do, it's hard to imagine I'll be able to keep working until whatever age they've raised my Social Security retirement age to (68?).

If the government was to take a heavy hand in anything in all of this, it should've been divorcing health insurance from employment. (But that would not have headed us in the direction that was intended.)

User Journal

Journal Journal: de-militarize the police 8

One good idea from the Dem debate tonight, from Bernie, was to de-militarize the police. I don't recall there being much in the way of specifics, beyond something about them not looking like an occupying force. But it got me thinking, thusly:

1) Make it illegal for the federal government to sell military gear to non-military entities, and make it illegal for civilian police forces purchase surplus military gear. (Whatever private individuals are allowed to buy would be unaltered.)

Comment Re: WALDO (Score 1) 27

The problem with EA concepts is that they're presented via EA terminology. And vice-versa. I don't know if I'll ever get there in my career.

And I get the impression that some EA patterns aren't mutex, but at different levels. Making if confusing to try to Goog what EF implements vice what it allows one to implement.

But my understanding is that Active Record is (usually not recommend and) requires your business objects derive from some base class provided by the OR/M. Which I don't think is required in EF (although maybe in early version(s) it was), so I still want to learn it/how to use an OR/M. But I'm just talking about mapping abilities, as except for as a convenient teaching situation, I don't where anyone would want to use an auto-generated db schema.

Comment Re: WALDO (Score 1) 27

I like this from the wikipedia page for it:

"SQLAlchemy's philosophy is that SQL databases behave less and less like object collections the more size and performance start to matter, while object collections behave less and less like tables and rows the more abstraction starts to matter."

Tomorrow I'm going to look more into the Active Record pattern vs. the Data Mapper pattern. (And I've no idea which (if only one) EF conforms to.)

Comment Re: WALDO (Score 1) 27

Maybe using an OR/M *efficiently* isn't.

Don't hate powerful tools, just learn how to use them properly. Hate the people too lazy to. Even if a majority of users of X use it terribly, it doesn't make X terrible. If I thought that way, I'd be for banning automobiles. Not to mention, that's how we ended up with Java.

Comment Re: moof (Score 1) 27

They think in Waterfall, but act in Agile*. Hence you're dead right on the "thus".

*They want a contract defining the terms so the software builders can't change, after it's been agreed upon, what is to be built. But they want to be able to do so. To me Agile is the realization that all orders for custom software are one-way contracts.

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