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Comment Re: Apple & Google are responsible how, exactl (Score 1) 49

You (and google lawyers) say that, yet every feature of your phone is tied to a google service app, which can only be installed in a signed fashion by the OEM that build and sold that device.

GPS and all other radio (except bluetooth) are severely crippled without it. And location provider accelerators (like the one from mozilla) cannot even be installed (only with root, which is moot since that is too difficult or impossible on every single device --even developer edition ones)

video acceleration and camera are other aspects that goes out if you don't have google secret sauce. but those are more related to chip manufaturer NDAs than anything else. Still google and OEMs are the de facto gatekeepers as far as smart phone buyers are concerned.

Comment Re: Nuke Russia (Score 1) 106

I think they were talking about the network being in Russia has nothing to do with a russian citizen or government being involved.

it is much easier to rent/compromise computers and run a flase flag than it is to move thousands of troops or expensive military equipment for a flase flag operation in the "old military economy"

Comment Re: A Special Class (Score 1) 90

This is not about credit check. They have other services such as providing your salary history, big purchase history (which has nothing to do with credit check), proof of identity (your exact last 3 addresses and other info), employer history, etc.

each of those are a different service. If you call them to freeze your credit, the only thing that will happen is that all those services selling your data will contain yet another line "froze credit checks on this day at some hour via telephone numer 555-555-555, proving identity with ssn"

Comment Re: What for (Score 1) 152

it is in the wording.

ads are pretty much untrusted code you run in your app (hint, nobody pays you if you won't allow them to run 3rd party traffic validation coded in real time).

so FB might be honest. THEY don't use the mic. but since the app secured the permission, that 3rd party ad code might very well use the mic.

Comment Re: Prove it's true (Score 1) 307

from the summary, their attack will be "our current modules can be distributed, that's why we made them gpl2. our announcements were for future modules, which will not be gpl2. the acused told everyone they would be criminals by being our clients because we would release the new modules as gpl2, which we won't. hence he is disrupting our business. "

  to help the truth come out, everyone here who is their clients and never distributed the current modules because everyone knows that is what they were saying to beging with, do file an amicus brief! now! ...well, monday.


Comment Re:Slackware (Score 1) 70

honesty you only dream that any OS has an upgrade path because you are using one that doesn't lie and claims it has.

Ubuntu, windows, etc... none of them can ever be upgraded without a full install. it will kinda work until something will drive you crazy and you succumb to the reinstall. sometimes losing data.

of the rolling upgrade ones, arch was pretty close. gentoo was a crash fest every major kernel or big driver. only time I had problems with arch was even I left one box 3mo without any upgrade...

OSX is a lie like everything from Apple. they call minor upgrades new versions... and every real new version everything breaks and everyone blame the "app" developers. my company IT reimages everyone's laptop when there's a real new version.

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 1) 192

true. they did that every step. but even on that apple sucks.

they make iphone owners buy new charges and extra cables every time.

they changed the headphone plug standard for the world when iphone launched just to get a fee from every headphone manufacturer (and with that, free insight into their Financials, which helped them acquire a few brands)

they are trying the headphones thing again with a dumb bt4 pseudo standard additions like it's a new groundbreaking thing.

they forced their way into silicon valley development machines by forcing you to use xcode only. that one was genius.

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