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Comment Re:Fear uncle Charlie (Score 1) 207

I eventually put a pin through his coax, which apparently burned out his linear. Ha Ha!

I, too, love to chuckle about committing felonies (depending on the price of his amp) based on my complete misunderstanding of regulations and my rights and responsibilities under them. Hee hee, ho ho!

Comment Proprietary software is not sustainable (Score 3, Insightful) 90

Proprietary software is not sustainable, because it's shut down for simple reasons like "it doesn't fit our business direction any longer" or "it's not making money" that would be irrelevant to an Open Source project.

Unfortunately it could be difficult to persuade Nuance to Open Source this, as they're concerned with holding their intellectual property close and probably would not want to take the expense to separate out Dragon and anything else they want to keep. And they probably don't want to have their patent claims practiced in Open Source.

The bottom line here is that functions not unlike their swiping keyboard are built into other keyboards, including Google's, and there is Open Source speech recognition now, so maybe nobody needs this. But if enough people do, it would make a good Open Source project.

Comment Re:No FCC ID (Score 1) 207

Why should it ? It doesn't have a transmitter.

Actually, it does. It's called an "unintentional radiator" under Part 15 of the FCC regulations, and like any other device with fast switching, it spews noise all over the radio spectrum. This could be resolved with a metal case and proper bypassing of signals on cables where they enter the enclosure. But they don't care enough to do that.

Comment It's up to us (Score 3, Insightful) 383

My company explicitly states that it's our job, as senior developers, to farm the crop of new junior developers. And FWIW, we've seen enormous success from hiring inexperienced (but talented and eager) new engineers and mentoring them in the ways of our world. The main difference between me and a new kid out of college is that I've made a lot more stupid mistakes than they've had time to. I share my experiences with them, and they share their excitement and willingness to try new things with us. If I can play a small part in helping them graduate to a senior role - either here or elsewhere - I'll consider it a personal accomplishment.

We did our time as juniors. Now it's our turn to help the next cohort learn the ropes.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 850

Gotta agree. I was ready to be all offended by a super restrictive list, but there's nothing there that seems likely to every be accidentally crossed.

Probably OK:

  • Sorry I didn't look at your patch earlier. Someone ran over my dog.
  • Aww, hugs!

Probably not OK:

  • What do I need to change about this PR to get it merged?
  • Hugs
  • Yeah, I'm still not interested. Please stop.
  • Hugs
  • Seriously, I'm getting pissed off.
  • Aww, hugs!

I think all those rules are there so that if someone won't quit being an ass then they have an explicit rule they can point to. That seems reasonable.

Comment Re:Racist facts (Score 1) 598

It should not be at all controversial that men and women are biologically different and that those differences may be a factor in life choices.

Well, sure it should be. Because you can't establish what's nature and what is nurture, other than the most basic things like reproduction and size. Women probably make their life choices due to the way they are nurtured, societal norms, and social pressure

I know enough excellent women scientists, engineers, and lawyers to believe it's just nurture, and these particular women have transcended social pressures (and continue to do so every day).

Comment Re:Racist facts (Score 1) 598

The science on biological differences between men and women has been settled for almost half a century now.

Actually, other than obvious differences in reproductive role, and some statistical difference in size and strength, fundamental gender differences are neither proven nor even likely.

I'd say you're meeting the wrong women, but they don't have any good reason to meet you.

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